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May 18, 2022

The regime is getting ready to escape?!

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It seems that Gruevski has no other way out but to return where he began his meteoric political career that led to a catastrophic accident and that in the annals of history will remain huge madness. He started as a technocrat, prioritizing economic development, but it seems that great popularity made him enter some kind of a film away from reality and full of fantasy. As if he had wanted to enter the history, unaware that it was easily ended in biology. When he felt the power of nationalism that as a rocket takes you to the sky for an hour, he was unable to resist the challenge and decided to ride the furious horse upside-down. Now we all feel the consequences, even many of his supporters. Nationalism, populism, corruption, organized crime and corrupt media have united in order to build their happiness on our collective misfortune. Antiques serve only as collective magic so that small people can see themselves in the morning shadow size.

I have recently met a friend of mine, a top diplomat from a strong country that used to have a great impact on our political streams, and even on the choice of the “Vozhd” for a leader of his party. Then he thought that this “unfettered young guy” would give a new spirit to the already quite burdened political situation in the country. Now he seemed disappointed, even recalled when I had mentioned that he was not the best solution. After ten years we are in the company of the ten poorest countries on the planet. We are in the company of five most totalitarian countries of the world. Politicization replaces laws. Ignorance professionalism. Hatred replaces tolerance and injustice – judiciary. Material and mental degeneration have turned us into apathetic people, no feelings, no compassion for what crumbles before our eyes. Now, we are an example of decent world shame. These days CNN revealed a prodigy in us. That we are the only country in the world that has 30 percent unemployment. But if they had in mind that for the last ten years about half a million young people have left Macedonia, that percentage would be 50. Something unheard in the history of the last two hundred years in the world!!!

The “Vozhd” has built his meteoric career with the name issue, where he needed to change no letter, pointing out that no one can force us to “bend spine”, “tread our dignity” and “lose identity “! In fact we ourselves have lost twenty years! Ten lost and ten not worked. The region which was decades behind us now is far ahead. From a leader Macedonia turned into a hopeless patient. The media propaganda put it all nicely. Certainly such media can at no cost absolve from such human catastrophe.

Now in some articles we find qualifications for government’s “betrayal” of the name. I think the government should be left to complete the task (I guess to save itself from the past). Dictators by nature are cowards and any further intimidation delays or prevents the solution. Their departure without resolving the name would mean extension of their own agony and coma because of such a pedestal that they raised the name issue to, no other political force can solve the problem without major collective trauma. We do not need to identify the column “Nationality” with ethnicity of people, as in the United Nations this column serves to show citizenship affiliation, not ethnic communities. Following that logic, how would it be treated for example with India that has a hundred nations, or China or many other countries?! On the contrary, the regime should be encouraged for a decision, because even when here it would be about a large market that they would leave without personal and financial consequences from, they can easily be blown. And the language has two-transcription formulation and essentially does not touch the identity. After all, we ourselves in our country have constitutional formulation where the language of an ethnic community reduces it to percentage figure. But life goes on. After finding the solution everything will return to normal, and the problems will disappear by themselves. Fear that they will lose something important is just of a psychological nature, and the real loss is what we have.

So it seems the time has come when the government will have to reap what they sow along with the devil. We need to break the policy that does not know about responsibility, morality, conscience, justice or God. Those who permanently won the elections while all people are defeated should be broken. Now the devil is knocking on the door asking for his share. His debtor is not only the government, but all of us. Satanization begins with Satan and ends with him. Lies in politics are cute for one time but bitter for a lifetime. Now it seems the PM and his coalition partners act in panic. Aware that they are on the edge they seek to escape with ropes that do not exist. They want to save from themselves. To save from the traps set by themselves. The time has come when European truth can no longer be replaced with ancient lie. The time has come when living people can no longer be humiliated by dead monuments. Reasoning, normality, logic are overcome, just the absurd is remaining. These boys who by any means attack women and children on the roads and buses are tragic epilogue of years run destructive policy by this strange government, which does not want to understand that even a drop of hatred can poison the whole sea of sense. It seems that the name was just a big lie behind which a lot of organized crime had been hiding which cannot be measured with any shade.

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