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August 18, 2022

Lucifer lustrates

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The word “lustration” comes from Latin (lusterata – lighting). This is connected with the term “Lucifer” as an underground creature that carried lanterns in the corridors of hell (lucem ferre – light-bearer), and was directly subordinated to Satan. In “Dictionnaire Infernal” (1862) Lucifer is considered the King of Hell, and Dante Alighieri describes Lucifer as the devil that lay in the bottom of Hell and which held people in his bad mouth. Lustration among ancient Romans meant purging people before entering shrines. That rule was attached to Trajan’s pillar in 113 BC.

Today lustration is reasonably identified with inquisition of innocent people, as it often lights dark forces, primarily because of revenge and moral discredit of opponents. After the Berlin Wall, lustration of former collaborators of the secret services as offenders of human rights was imposed as a necessity for moral purification. More countries brought their own laws, but the results were mostly a failure, because it often served for suppressing innocent people, so the process suffered serious criticism of Strasbourg. With the Resolution 1096 of the Council of Europe, Croatia was directed harsh criticism, pointing out that lustration should only serve to prevent such former associates to be members of the government, the parliament, to work in the current secret services, to be members of management boards of state firms, judges, journalists, editors and public officials in local government. We receive numerous criticisms. In some states the process was totally stopped, because morally it is worse to condemn an innocent man than to release hundred guilty. This process ended successfully only in Eastern Germany, where the law had been implemented in principle.

But here, miracles happen. A judge in 2010 received a decision by the Commission that he was not an associate of the services. Two years later, the same Commission revoked its own decision for non-cooperation, and proclaimed him a slanderer. Unprecedented miracle!!! Frckoski was lustrated as issuer of the order, to detect foreign spies (some of them were probably members of the current parties in power), but then objective conditions imposed it. Some things were even started before him by the previous ministers who are today declared to be “historical” figures. A drastic example is Milcin who in 2000 received a document that he had been followed by the former regime for political and ideological reasons. It was even stated that he had been followed and wiretapped by the then secret services, but in 2011 the Commission declared him to be an associate of services! Also, the number of Albanians was then imprisoned for ideological reasons, but we do not have their informers anywhere.

In relevant circles lustration here is considered to have been converted into an instrument for political discrediting, revenge and witch hunt. ‘Cause if you do not kiss the hand of this regime, it will cut your head. There are strong indications that many government officials have thick files, but not missing a hair. The government needs to sow fear, so shooting list is extended to academics, professors, analysts, journalists, editors, priests and Muslim priests, lawyers, judges, mediators etc. That process should be completely revised and undergo legislative changes regarding criminal responsibility of the officials that abuse, conceal, falsify or submit incomplete documents. Neither judges’ liability should be excluded. In fact, existing law is drastically suppressed if declared as associate without a signed document to that effect which is the main condition of the existing law.

Provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights obligate us directly and no law can be contrary to its word and spirit. As a result of not obeying it, we do not only endure great political damage, but big material compensation for the innocent follows.

Another reason is the credibility of the current government to exert lustration. In its core it is criminogenic, discriminatory and discrediting. Communists at least had some ideal and believed in something. And these only believe in black money. Wrong people teach us about real lessons. We do not know if we are treated more as citizens or patients. Greater mystery is why the government persistently continues to lustrate former officials, and does nothing with the present ones. They also lustrate deceased so that they do not run in the other world! There has never been greater violation of human rights and suppression of dignity. Everything is abolished before our eyes. From law to state. They might abolish us all. And we have turned into people who hear but do not see at all. And finally, people who have such government should not worry about their future. For it will not exist at all. From someone’s sick ambitions we all die quietly.

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