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September 24, 2022

All in Hell

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John Esposito, top expert on Christianity and Islam says – “Good people do good deeds. Bad people do bad deeds. But it takes a good religious manipulation to make the good people do bad deeds”.

Here, unfortunately, works of religion continue to be a taboo subject, and the consequences are enormous. The fact that you do not fight today will win you tomorrow. In nature every religion should propagate peace, tolerance, love, coexistence and fairness. But do we have it in us and what do religions do for it to exist? Unfortunately here religions are occupied by the demon – says an expert in religious organizations. Abusing God for political purposes has become a new commandment. Our religions have become supporters and helpers of corrupt government. The abuse of religion here has already been turned into a routine and a mechanism to justify the dishonest acts of leaders, but also to add morals to their immoral acts.

Every day we see leaders who want to publicly show how good believers they are, moral, just and humane, but their actions speak the opposite. Thus they want to hide their dishonesty and impiety. It is no secret that religious leaders often say amen to satanic verses and deeds. They have brought God in position to be considered a coalition partner with the bad parts, even with organized crime. For often themselves they are part of such a “coalition”. And now we do not know if religious leaders serve the underground or the underworld. Everyone today knows that indigenous religious communities instead of getting closer, further divide, instigate, sow hatred. They demonstrate mutual power, display monopoly, deny, manipulate to the level that the devil envies them. They cut God into pieces although they say that he is the one and only. And that produces religious fanatics who favor only “their God”.

Millions of people suffer from poor governance and faiths are silent. Millions of people live in poverty because of the general robbery and organized crime, and they continue to remain silent. Countless innocent are punished, harassed and tortured, and they continue to remain silent.

People’s businesses are violently taken away and they are again silent. And when they are not silent, they say amen. People sink, monuments are built, false ones, and they continue to remain silent. It is a fortune to become a monument and a misfortune to be a man, leaders are silent. As they are silent it means that the devil works are closer than God’s. Families break up, suicides happen, human destinies are destroyed, and religious leaders are silent. Why should people be tied to you?! Just help your luxury and splendor?!

The “Politika” reporter was breathless when he saw the luxury enjoyed by our religious leaders, not just the higher echelon. The higher ranked, the lower morale. Such luxury and poor people cannot be God’s work. Expensive jeeps with tinted glass, precious watches, luxurious apartments and offices, high salaries, astronomical fees etc. It seems they want to prove that they have paradise in this world?! It is known that behind tinted windows there cannot be white deeds. Darkness is the favorite color of the demon.

It makes sense that secularism does not mean termination of all contacts with the government, on the contrary, religious organizations should care about social morality, but previously possess it themselves. It is not God’s if you have antagonism with other religious organizations, deny or demonize them. It is not God’s to support an illegitimate government that tramples upon justice, honesty, in philanthropy and dignity. It is not God’s to support government that arrests innocent people and that imprisons political opponents. Which mounts processes. Which rewards crooks and punishes honest. Which makes massive devastation and crime, and degrades people. In normal world silence of clerics is considered a greater sin than many politicians’ misdeeds.

If religion is separated from the state, it does not mean that someone who is committed to politics should not have religious feelings and not be a believer or a religious leader not to have political beliefs and affiliations to some political option. But here it is about something else. Here we have relative religization of politics and absolute politicization of religion. Here there cannot be a gram of morale. Very often religious leaders bless public works behind which lies a great crime. It is much more profitable to sing to the devil than to serve God. Under these conditions the final destination is hell. But anyway, people lose confidence in religious communities, even when they are good believers. Faith cannot be exempt from the current disastrous situation. Religion in numerous South American dictatorial states protected the people though itself was exposed to great danger. But God’s above all. For previously been saved from “that” hell, we need to be saved from “this hell”. Because if we do not destroy the evil ourselves, then it will destroy us. Already doing it.

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