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May 24, 2022

Wohlers: Not a single corruption conviction in Macedonia

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Yesterday in Skopje, U.S. Ambassador Paul D. Wohlers, opened the Anti-Corruption Policy Forum, an event organized by USAID’s Anti-Corruption Project.

During press conference he sad that “There is not a single corruption conviction in Macedonia. Corruption is equal to zero”, openly criticizing fight against corruption.

The forum focused on the presentation of the first National Corruption Assessment Report (CAR) for Macedonia, a comprehensive overview of both the current state of corruption as well as a review of prevention measures taken between 2002 and 2013.  More than 50 representatives from civil society organizations, relevant state institutions, members of Parliament, judges, prosecutors, and experts discussed the report, its recommended strategic guidelines, and anti-corruption reforms.


Ambassador Wohlers noted, “We know that corruption cuts across party lines, international borders, and ethnic boundaries — draining human capacity, economic power, and faith in governments wherever it festers.  Every dollar or denar that is diverted for personal enrichment is one that is not used to help educate our children, fund our hospitals, and build our roads.” He added, “Corruption is a threat, not only to democratic governance and economic prosperity, but to national security and sovereignty as well.”


Ivo Kotevski, Assistant Minister of Interior; Gorgi Slamkov, President of the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption; and Aneta Arnaudovska, Director of the Delegation of the Republic of Macedonia in the Council of Europe Anti-Corruption Group also made remarks.