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May 24, 2022

Credits from Washington, mortgages from Brussels – Gruevski in power

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A day after the arrival of the EC Report, causing the hair to stand on end, Ebola arrived in Skopje. As the media contagion, with news of pro-government media by a Macedonian journalist correspondent of world agency, which used to be criticized by the Government, Macedonia instantly became a top issue. And instead of the enigma to be solved with two phone calls in London, to check where the two Brits were on the way to Skopje, whether and what health problems they had, how a foreigner in a hotel, mainly for foreigners, suddenly disappears for three days from the Skopje bazaar (what do people from ASC do), an attempt to insert new fear from the screens. The public was 48 hours bombarded with doses of trauma – there was, there was not Ebola, so everything was isolated, blocked, yet, turmoil in the clinical center and the mall “Mavrovka”. But people have long been vaccinated against this type of manipulation. However, after successfully derived SVOZ-operation to freeze even the last thought that in this part of Europe freedom of thought, criticism, market competition, timely information about who, how much and who to owes, are captured, for future generations who are guarantors of this runaway state borrowing without coverage?! We saw and heard how everything is possible to be put in quarantine.

We did not even think of importing Ebola. But with a full dose of sarcasm and malice, I would bet if some of my colleagues, reporting elite, would report from the scene and the battle with the plague of the decade? So much for journalistic expression. But those who understand, know immediately that since the Minister of Health was not in front of the camera, there was no infection!

Of course, Ebola has overshadowed the masterful, impartially interpreted theories for the new geostrategy of the old Kissinger, Brzezinski, Huntington, Carnegie. Americans are to blame for that. And all their modern atrocities, Cuba, Panama and the Suez Canal, Vietnam, Iran, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, the recent Arab Spring and the Islamic Caliph…Guantanamo…Our media geostrategists are sitting, writing and philosophize.

According to them, the sun of freedom rises in the East. Russians are not as Americans. They did not build up a Berlin Wall, did not suppress Hungarian spring in the mid-fifties and a decade later the Czech freedom of Dubcek and Pala, Polish junta of Jaruzelski directed at the workers’ anger and Lech Walesa’s solidarity, to the more recent interventions on the Russian soldatesca on sovereign Afghanistan, Georgia, Ukraine… And Gulak…

And it is good that the media and the antiquisation experts do not give the name even if we have to be out of NATO and the EU, breaking up anyway, as journalistic geostrategists write. Scandinavian countries must be crazy now wanting the umbrella of the Alliance, as favored Brazil now winks, together with Mexico, to North American NAFTA?!

In such domestic anti-European and anti-American setting, to the local mainstream – Janissaries it does not matter that almost 2 billion Euros, one third of Macedonia’s trade with the world is under the export-import only with Germany. With a surplus of 1.2 billion Euros. It does not matter that spending of the common budget of all citizens has been filled with 500 million Euros of the bonds sold in British and German banks and Western investment funds, with revolving credit arrangements propagated as extremely cheap. But what about the recent initiatives of the new Mediterranean modern highway, new TAP pipeline, an alternative to the disputed monopoly of the Russian South Stream?

Are we wrong again in priority steps? What’s the point of building internal highways that have a local character, to Ohrid and Stip, which would have been given for concessions to foreigners, even to them they were unprofitable, because “hundreds of buses, cars and trucks” use them daily, as explained by senior government leaders? Despite the connection with the new European Corridor via Bosnia, Albania, to Sofia and to Istanbul, or fast tracks to the north and the railway to Bulgaria, our sixth trading partner, Macedonia is getting stuck in long-term unprofitable home corridors? Why was not there a professional debate, freely expressed view on these topics? For fear among experts and the competent public, write European institutions in Brussels.

Undeniable is the final government mini-Marshall Plan, through major infrastructure and capital investments to manage the challenges of the glowing economic-financial crisis. But even in these conditions of stable government majority, perhaps we should have political courage and it is necessary to be allowed to think opposed to the government. It will regret when incompetent MPs publicly defend the idea of ​​ free financial zones, for which university financial experts are silent? With a debate and freedom of thought and idea, the risk is taken and responsibility shared for decisions affecting future generations. For example, in one of the views set out in the MANU Strategy for energy development by 2025, rapid construction and protection of hydro-potentials Cebren and Galiste are suggested. With little more modesty in priorities about Skopje 2014, rationality in massive administration, savings from the imported electricity, until now they would have provided at least half a billion Euros for these important energy potentials, with huge pools for future most expensive world product – water. The funds invested in such capital facilities would have had a quality of home fiscal and financial sustainability of the public debt. Plus, it opens the opportunities for restarting some domestic capacities of transitionally ruined facilities, which had a relatively high quality and professional workforce that is now used as cheap labor and facilities for renting to foreign investors.

But that’s it. As long as only warnings arrive from Brussels for the galloping debt and sustainability of the public debt of the central government, and immediately after that the World Bank and IMF grant new loans of 157 million dollars, it means that the financial and political matrix of the duo Gruevski – Stavrevski is successful. The practice of attracting preferential investors and foreign companies continues. The information that next year “Johnson Controls” from Macedonia will export one billion dollars is an excellent PR. But no one says that the imports for the same company are 95 percent of its export through Bunardzik.

“The authorities opened a larger number of special economic zones in the country, in order to encourage foreign investors, which is certainly useful. But when it comes to free zones, we do not see their effect on the domestic economy. We need to make more progress in the business environment to increase productivity to the other part of economy”, said Phil Garzon of IMF.

With position or without it, they will rule over Macedonia until the Greek spiral of insurmountable debt and its five-year stagnation does not start to come into. Our three billion are nothing in comparison with the hundred times larger reprogramming of the spoilt Greeks and their elites. But it is dangerous to play on that logic in forgiving part of the debts of Macedonia. In our case, such moves always go with pressure from foreigners – take it or leave it!

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