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August 18, 2022

Ivanov found jihadists

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The president of Macedonia, from New York announced that there were jihadists in the country. Elected as the voice of the region, with drama and excitement that neither speech therapists can stand, Ivanov in the UN, on behalf of the regional leaders, expressed his concern that the Balkans is the first on the line of fire to the establishment of an Islamic caliphate. Caliph or khalifa – a kind of territory managed by someone chosen by Muhammad from among the educated and wise Muslims, respecting the draconian penalties of sheriat dogmas.

“With concern I can say that the Balkans has become the basis for recruitment and radicalization of new foreign fighters for global jihad. Foreign fighters from the Balkans in ISIL and Jabhat alNusra are grouped into ethno-national sets to perform jihadist ideology in their home countries. Some have been there for three years already”.

Before this performance the President, publicly in his country, did not say a word on this subject though a dozen departures of Macedonian citizens had been registered to the front lines in Syria and Iraq, some of which were killed. Although he has been a supreme commander for six years, having the available information from trusted Intelligence Agency and the ASC under the Ministry of Interior, he went to New York before establishing and convening the National Security Council, due to obstructions of the DUI Albanians. This constitutional body would be a relevant procedure in the assessment of such a global threat to Macedonia’s decision to join the Coalition Against Islamic State. Look out, for the last three years danger of recruitment has been lurking for recruitment of Islamic radicals for Middle Eastern and Arab battlegrounds!

But a month ago Jankulovska appeased domestic public that there is no immediate danger of jihadists and turned the requests by the Head of IRC, security services to deal with radical wahhabists and salafists who control Skopje “Yaya Pasha” and “Tutunsuz”, though experts claim that Islamic radicals are infiltrating through religious boards of mosques. Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Interior Ministry claims that at this point there is no greater serious threat to overall security in Macedonia and the police appeased that in this country there were no recruiting centers for ISIL.

While in Bosnia radical wahhabists are arrested, in Kosovo one Imam and 40 supporters of ISIL, in Macedonia it is peaceful. Yet, President Ivanov takes the role of a regional spokesperson, probably due to the need to likeability to Western allies, especially Washington. Saying that the number of jihadists is not known and that countries, which means Macedonia, alone cannot cope with the new security threats, following his public confession, it remains unclear how the home security systems function? What do they do if the budget of the Ministry of Interior is greater than the financial needs of the army and the defense? If national security challenges are under control of the services, then do they function as orchestra out of tune, so they have some information for the government, the President has other, for his dramatic performance in New York. Who establishes the security assessment relevant to the stability of the country?

Might Ivanov be making a twist after the conducted rash of anti-Americanism in his own country and above all the pro-government mainstream analysts, although the United States is a strategic partner of all previous Macedonian governments and a decade umbrella of independence and territorial sovereignty? Can this dramatic attempt send a message to local analysts who cheered for the Russian annexation of Crimea, as an attempt for alternative turn to Russia? Probably yes. Because how can you insist on compliance with international legal order and the Hague ruling on the dispute with Greece, so they can be a major argument and a new tactic for the UN, if in defiance of the EU and the United States you follow the instinct that Ambassadors, as representatives of these global players are de facto declared personae non – grata or that the independence of Scotland is seen with passion, announced separatist decisions in Spain, Italy, while home you do not face such a security problem, decision or status? If you are unable to defend against jihadists, who will be on the bumper of Macedonian wholeness?

“Without integration of the Republic of Macedonia and other Western Balkan countries in Europe, there is a vacuum in the geopolitical space. Let us not allow the vacuum to be filled with radicalism, religious fundamentalism and uncertainty”, Ivanov appealed from New York.

Recognition, fear, powerlessness. The head of the state has turned the river to its mill. And he would say – let us join NATO, Islamic caliphate is in front of your gates, and we do not have the strength to fight the jihadists. Such ultimate message supports the patriotic spirit of the politician who thinks that “a compromise is a compromise”, a formula to resolve the name dispute with Greece, which does not perceive real-politics and international relations. If it was so easy to agree, on the principles give me-give you, Macedonia would probably get the chance to NATO, after allowing their planes to fly over Macedonia’s airspace to attack Serbia and allowing over 400 thousands of refugees from Kosovo in 1999.

Ivanov’s performance at East River came after he had previously winked again, passing by Obama, who, in lightning two minutes of a meeting without translators, asked for support for Macedonia’s admission to NATO. A media statement followed of his special reporter taken in New York, with a lengthy interpretation of messages from this conversation face to face, the “standing” meeting. Probably Macedonian diplomacy with the urgent demarche-note to the President of the United States for the expected first diplomat Bailey, understands that the statesman who leads the new anti-terrorist operation in the world is sending an American ambassador whose promotion in the Senate is with an attitude that Slavs live here, in Macedonia?! If for nothing else, at least about this type of Slavs, in this region, Moscow and Washington agree, the two superpowers which have recognized us with the name Macedonia.

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