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May 24, 2022

We blame the whole world

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From a successful story Macedonia became a problematic country in the Balkans, says Andreas Ernst, a longtime reporter from the Balkans for the Swiss “NCC”. From first in the region (even before Croatia), now we are last. This regime returned us 20 years back. Now we are an example of disintegrating state. Whole world to the future, but Gruevski wants to make to capture antiquity, to capture us. Now antiquity collects the tax. The statement of the future US Ambassador Bailey is neither accidental nor lapse, but a direct attack on the false antiquity, which serves as a tool to maintain power without results and to suspend integrations. Now it is clear to everyone that the problem is not only the name, but it will be widely discussed about the false identity that wants to deny other identities. Gruevski has made ​​three major problems of one small problem. Now we realize that his political moves were devil’s favorite shelter because only the Greeks benefited of his policies. We lost everything. We lost Corridor 8 with all accompanying components worth several dozen billion Euros. Numerous components of the project have already been diverted to neighboring countries, mostly to Greece. We lost Euro-Atlantic integrations, thus sinking into poverty. We lost a billion Euros a year that we could have withdrawn from the European Fund. If it had not been for Gruevski, Macedonia would have been a member of the EU in 2012. The average salary would have been doubled, and unemployment would have disappeared. Bulgaria was 30 years behind us, and now it looks like Europe. But it seems that false luck has taken our mind, and the right one will return it to us with a huge penalty.

Hence “Skopje 2014” did not only cost half a billion Euros, but twenty times more lost money. And with the use of these projects our geopolitical position would clearly have strengthened. But it is already dissolved. The Greeks should not have worked anything. VMRO-DPMNE and DUI completely worked for him. It is already clear that the “love” of our government has become much more dangerous than the “hatred” of the Greeks. But at least we have found a new national sport – throwing empty spades. With so many spades the government is about to bury as all. Because we are far from leaders who would understand that it is better to be ashamed because of the truth than to ascend through the lies. Only small people need great fame. We are far from a statesman to whom heart will depend on the head.

And now we attack foreigners, diplomats. VMRO’s foreign policy is experienced in attacking diplomats and important Western officials. Its megaphones once called the European Parliament Rapporteur for Macedonia Zoran Thaler “Trouble”. They gave an interpretation of the name “Solana”, which according to them, in the local language supposedly meant “rubbish”. Chatzimarkakis of the Joint Committee on cooperation between the EU and Macedonia has been identified with the five last letters of his name. They systematically attacked Fuere, Orav, Riker and many others?! The whole world is guilty. Copy-paste policy of Milosevic, where law and logic lie in the power and falsehood. The government communicates with our strategic partners by the mouth of any container manifestos whose employer is the government itself.

The famous American expert on the Balkans Edward Joseph rightly says – “for years in Skopje we have not seen responsible leadership”. After eight years since the date Gruevski’s mandate started as Prime Minister (27 August 2006), his portrayal by the Western press as a progressive reformer, became far past. The newspaper “Noje Cirher Cajtung”, published a portrait of Gruevski with regard to the situation in Macedonia and above Prime Minister’s photograph there was a title: “Little dictator”. CNN and “Financial Times” reported that Macedonia was the fifth in the world according to bad economy, eighth by misery, and among the first in the collective misfortune. And the prominent “The Economist” projects a high degree of social unrest. It seems that we are going to roar, but probably the government media will announce that we roar out of happiness. Finally we are close to the bad to come back to us in the form of crude justice. This is no longer a matter of choice between good and evil, but between salvation and chaos. But the wounds are deep. Whole generations have grown with the story that lying is resourcefulness and stealing is ability. Lucky Ivanov. Life is just a bowl of cherries to him.

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