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December 7, 2021

Revocation of the people

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There is a public debate on constitutional amendments. Only those are supported which have swapped their dignity and conscience for cash. They are not easy to pass in some government supporters. Venice Commission, whose attitude is very appreciated in Brussels, preliminary said that many of the proposed solutions are contrary to the European standards. But it is known that everything valuable in Brussels is completely worthless here and vice versa.

Behind the proposed constitutional amendments (the focus was allegedly on marriage and debt), the real goal is skillfully hiding. And it is the possibility of establishing international financial free zones. The government intends to arrange it with Constitution so that the next government cannot easily repeal it. Practically, the state wants to turn into a money laundry, where 4.6 billion Euros that last eight years mysteriously disappeared from the state would be washed. And then we would have no more dirty money, all would be very clear, because it would be very nice laundered. In such zones the laws of the state do not apply where the zone is located, but the zone operates under its own rules. As Goshev says – “state within a state”. They are a financial ex-territory. For example in Abu Dhabi such zone is set named “DIFC” – Dubai International Financial Centre (established in 2004) and “Global Marketplace Abu Dhabi” island situated in Al Maryah (formed in 2013). But these zones are used for trade and financial exchanges between Western and Asian companies, local geographic conditions allowing it. Even in the zones there are problems regarding money laundering. Let alone here where such zones would serve only as a laundry. These zones will function only as gray zones.

I think there is no reason to oppose the changes if a provision is added that may revoke the state. So is not the parliament repealed?! Now MPs serve only as robot-voting machines without any right to thinking. They must neither fight with each other without pressing a button from outside. They do not represent the interests of citizens but those of underground structures. So is not the government repealed, because there are only two or three who resolve, others just take pictures of themselves!? Repealed is the judiciary which now serves for demolition of justice and ascension of criminals. There honorable end up in prison by order of criminals. Repealed is the administration that serves only as voting machinery. Repealed is the democracy, institutions, media, dialogue, freedom and everything alive. But organized crime is not repealed. Therefore, I am for amending the Constitution. Once everything is repealed, let us repeal the constitution and the people and the country! They do not serve for anything anyway. The government should remain only with the monuments, healthy environment has remained only for them. For everything else it is sick.

The departing American Ambassador Paul Wohlers, without diplomatic gloves says that in this country there are leaders who see politics as a short term play for enriching themselves and their own party. They create problems rather than solve them. I think this is a recipe for destruction of the state”. And Vlado Milcin says it is the constitution of VMRO-DPMNE, not Macedonia. I would say it is the constitution of two three people “patriots” who hold two million people as hostages. In our conditions the nickname “patriot” means nothing other than a robber. Today you are a patriot if you have several apartments in the center of the city, if you have luxurious villas, large hacienda, millions from tenders awarded to friends, daughter-in-laws, mothers, daughters and sons. You are a patriot if have money on the Caribbean islands, Belize, El Salvador or Cyprus. If you drive furious cars and enjoy luxurious yachts. Not bought with their own, but with someone else’s money. You are a patriot if you treat people less than ordinary sheep, because in order to milk sheep you need to feed it first.

But nothing lasts forever. Soon this regime will come to an end. Then many will be banging their heads against a wall for supporting something like that! They will cut their fingers for voting for such a thing! They will cut the veins for doing such a thing to their children! They will pull hair for being proud of leaders that the normal world could only be ashamed of. Then they will realize that the world is bad, not because bad people do evil, but because ordinary people allowed it. But, it is a fact that no dictatorship has ever fallen on democratic elections, simply because for them they do not exist. Before destroying such unconstitutional power, it should be noted that coup has been launched in the state.

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