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December 7, 2021

Election stock market: TAIWANESE AUCTIONS

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Home phone rang twice this week… in the morning and early afternoon.

– Could you please answer…?

– Oh, no…!!!!

Pollsters call, citizens more and more scared, few answer the electoral test. They know the number, fixed or mobile phone as the address book on 188 is public and available. Then everything is easy, nobody has guaranteed secrecy for their own right to vote, to vote without the municipal committee or party headquarters to know it, street gossips, neighborhood intruders, rural ‘scum’, police informants, election committees. You cannot hide the title of the phone, apartment, block of flats, location of residence, the polling place, the order in voter list. He rings, calls and votes. Three in one, like coffee.

Comparative and cross-examination does not stop? Privacy has long been a public good, which calculates the value of voice (action) at the election stock exchange.

Who is bidding? Mainly those who want to complete capitalization of Macedonia as their patrimony.

Who is buying? Few of the top of the state corporations that have unregistered acquired equity?

Have the foreign exchange reserves in the past three months accidentally been increased by thirty-something million Euros? How much (will) the inflows from the islands legalize the announced “foreign” investments?

Third decade of Macedonian post-transition has no more shareholders, but has informal vouchers. Allowance for the beneficiaries of social welfare, writing off debts for the poor, for student a day of public “petting” in the tumult of free public transport, for the farmers new hundreds of millions of Euros over the next four years, although food imports, despite agricultural benefits and incentives, are continuously growing…Then follows the question…whether, as for example, the artisans of Prilep Bazaar will be forgiven mandatory penalties from 1000 to 3000 Euros because 100 denars surplus was found? They also promise amnesty, remission of a third of the sentences?! Reduction of draconian punishments, 250 Euros for parking in an illegal place. That is the salary of those who load the cars.

A probe with political arithmetic – VMRO-DPMNE will win, but SDSM will not lose. Ahmeti remains superior thanks to Tachi.

After this arsenal of offerings, stock markets are closed and spells of ballot boxes are open, so we will see what we will get.

For now everyone ranks. Missionaries from “Pavel Shatev” as night voyeurs asked the sleeping viewers: – Was Ivanov the best in facing the other candidates on MTV. The portal “Republic” states: “The President remained president”? Pendarovski wins, announces “Rating”. Of the two analysts, father and son, junior said the agency has never been wrong so far. Experienced, from the SDSM campus, with public correction that the results are not a survey, but forecast. As betting and tickets, one in two.

Experienced creators of public opinion bet, one titled 63, the other that the election results will be in a ratio of one to three for the ruling coalition. With such an axiom, media warrants for Shekerinska seem unreasonable with the mediocre quasi dilemma: – Why she, and not Zaev would be prime minister? Is superior winning coalition of VMRO-DPMNE, with 65 MPs, going to hand over the power to the current opposition thus forming a minority cabinet, with the deputy leader of SDSM?

Why is the leader of VMRO – DPMNE and the spokespersons of his campus demanding 65 seats, “so that DUI is not able to blackmail us?” Does Gruevski want to retain the applied model of Boyko Borisov, minority government with majority support in the Parliament by the corrupt leader of Turks in Bulgaria? Is it possible for the Duke of DPA again to be a partner of VMRO – DPMNE? How will the May agreement between Gruevski and Ahmeti be suspended, when it is not only the Besa of the two? There are other trade secrets and unwritten rules of the current six-year reign tandem Gruevski and Ahmeti. Let’s not forget that the results of the referendum on Illyrida of ‘92 have never been suspended. There is a single direct expression. We need to call Badinter, but how, without the support of Albanians in Macedonia, can we reach referendum majority on solution to the name issue. Can we do it without NATO, in the new and strategic realignment of the global map and interesting spheres? Macedonia, without the “paternalism” of the Alliance, will hard preserve its sovereignty and territorial integrity, at the cost of many internal ethnic and political compromises. Without it, there is no battle for national identity, unless someone wants to reduce Macedonian language to one of Europe’s linguistic dialects. Let’s not open Pandora’s box on the question: – So what if we have such (mono) ethnic government, with 65 members of the VMRO – DPMNE coalition?

The campaign has started with the realization of the Chinese credit lines and expansion of privileges for foreign investors in the free zones. After 14 years, someone is returning the Taiwanese economic model and Cile’s billion? This time with China and Russia, without U.S. The supporters on the way to Brix are louder and louder. Some data on economic parameters are: over two-thirds of the Macedonian export is at European markets, more than 80 percent of the 5 billion debts to foreign creditors and commercial banks is to be returned to Western financiers. It takes at least five to ten years to win non-traditional markets, with their new consumption tradition, standards and practices!?

Therefore these elections are not only indigenous democratic process in Macedonia.

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