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September 24, 2022

Gruevski's billion – What concessions for? (International Stock Market 7)

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Serbia, to survive, has received a billion dollars by the United Arab Emirates, traditional friends of the USA. Not to have a problem with liquidity of the budget, by the end of March next year. The National JAT (Air Serbia) has been sold to the rich Arabs and a quarter of Belgrade building plots for construction of City on Water. Also a mosque in the heart of Serbian nationalism, before the eyes of big Balkan patriots.

“We want Serbia to be more successful, more advanced and modern country”. This new hope, (announced on Thursday afternoon) by the Serbian Prime Minister follows just one year after Vucic recognized the existence of Kosovo as a state. The territory on which official Belgrade gives up, recent province where Patriarchate of Pec is, “the heart of Serbian Orthodoxy”, as Dobrica Cosic metaphorically spoke, is swapped for the expected petro-dollars.

And in modern populist highway Belgrade-Skopje-Athens, where identical leadership profiles rule, global strategists greatly practice the saying – what cannot be done with money, is obtained with a lot of money. For five years Greeks have been paying the price of their economic and financial collapse. Among them billions are hundreds, there is a three-digit deficit, and Western partners do not know how many Euros are necessary to control the Greek nationalist profligacy from the era of uncontrolled blockades against Macedonia and Serbia.

Billions are a synonym for political and geo-strategic pressures in the Balkans, especially in ex-federation. In time of the Federal government of Montenegrin Veselin Djuranovic and Croatian Milka Planinc Yugoslavia was in debt of over 12 billion dollars, three times more than its then GDP. Billions, in denars, have become a synonym for staggering inflation, have imposed a model of smuggling, gray economy and final status and financial stratification and collapse of communist principles for social justice and equality.

Even today you can hear Roma in Macedonia who for the price of a kilo of bread say – two billion denars!? Although they dream of a road to the Euro, they remain a socio-economic synonym for the billion and social-educational poverty of one ethnicity. Nomadic life along the Vardar is now replaced with searching in containers for 200 denars per day for plastic. Again driving their billions. At least those who have not left satisfied with the policy of Amdi Bajram for open gates to the Union?

Then the sudden economic life of well-being came, as a dying donkey, when the reformist Ante Markovic received the task of extorted project of privatization and destruction of firms. IMF enabled him to provide 10 billion dollars of foreign exchange reserves, with 4 of the arms exports from the powerful utility industry of Tito, and two billion marks annual net foreign exchange inflows from growing tourism. Intrusions of Slovenia and Serbia in the federal budget and extracting 3-4 billion from it marked the end of a multi-ethnic state, with bloody migrations of peoples and genocide.

The curse of billions follows Macedonia, too. At least five from privatization and embargoes have flown into the private pockets of new local tycoons. They have become a synonym for wrong policies and estimates.

Manipulation with them is related to Tupurkovski, too. This ex-Yugo staff, as hope to the new Macedonian personnel generation, favorite of Western geostrategists, one fine day in 1992 landed from Vienna and went to President Gligorov. Austria, through Mock, its top diplomat, sent the message – one billion marks assistance to change the name.

We became FYROM, no money came. Destiny wanted popular Cile to be a promoter of Taiwanese incursion into Macedonia, through the idea of ​​the free economic zones in Bunardzik to be a financial-economic ship of the Chinese from the island to Europe. In that Government sat Minister Nikola Gruevski. It started with one, but through unprecedented PR strategy with optimistic promotions of the then cabinet of Georgievski, the financial bubble inflated to 5 billion dollars Taiwanese capital for the Macedonian eastern story. The country was isolated, UNPREDEP expelled, a military conflict happened. Lucrative Macedonian patriotism faced Albanian nationalist spring. And that was all of the millions of foreign exchange inflows.

There are more stories, but not billions. Especially one of the world vagabond Subrata Roy, in front of whom all government entourage fell to their knees. I cannot believe the coincidence that the Ohrid tourist boom in St. Naum of the Indian charlatan, who brought Tony Blair on a trash-event in Skopje, resembles the idea of ​​the Belgrade city on the Danube-Sava.

Subratization of Macedonian economy is just a mirror for mainstream supporters of Gruevski who continue to see the perspective to the East. Well, in this European-Russian crisis we are offered alternative markets of bloody Egypt, conflict Iraq…What to do, that is how much children know of journalism, especially those from the street, in front of the screen, read the texts written in the Center. What was it called?

Gruevski has its billion – a 500 million Chinese loan and the same amount of the bond issued. Plus over 200 million Euros interest for them. Roads can finally be built! But why the money from the bond to cover the dissipation of the Government. Would not we have provided greater added value if with 300 million Euros we had built Chebren ourselves. Electricity, accumulation of water, the most expensive product on the world market. Until H2O from Mars arrives. Only by saving on energy imports we would have repaid this energy-environmental system.

What mortgage will we repay the debts with? There are just water resources in the state left, MEPSO and some environmental field here and there? If our hope is not in the gold mines explored by Canadians? Serbia is privatizing five large manufacturing facilities, sells over 200 public companies, yet TEKO, the largest coal and energy pool in Europe. But some suspicious sales of national treasure at bargain prices are questioned or personal benefit of the local business and political elites. Greece auctions ports, reduces bank capacities, sells islands…

Serbia-Macedonia-Greece, each with its burdens of leadership policies of the last lucrative patriots: Vucic-Gruevski-Samaras.

Billions are easier to get, harder to return. I do not think Merkel gathers regional leaders in Berlin by accident. Gruevski and Ivanov require the United States and Germany to get involved in resolving the name issue. Do you think the Chancellor easily spends her worldly baggage or the capital of German taxpayers?

Concessions are yet to be delivered for the local patriots. Regardless of the fact whether it is a Nimitz plan or a “Reeker strategy”?!

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