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March 21, 2023

Ohrid Framework Agreement – toilet paper?!

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The Ohrid Framework Agreement successfully extinguished the fire of 2001, but even after 13 years it failed to create any micron of what is called – tolerance, coexistence, civic equality, equal opportunities, democratic governance, rule of law and general development. On the contrary, we have demotion. So now instead of lasting reconciliation we have naked hatred. Instead of tolerance we have fights on buses and streets. Instead of cohesion we have demolition of houses and bars. Instead of the rule of law we have the rule of parties. Instead of general development, we have the top position in the list of world poverty. Instead of independent judiciary, we have party ruled verdicts and rigged trials. Everything is in free fall. Only organized crime is upwards. We have made a society without laws, without morals, without a curtain and shame.

Hence, the Framework Agreement could not have been the only positive exception from such severe abuses in every domain. The fact is that the situations now are even harder than they were before signing it, but it is not because of the Agreement, but because of its trampling. Now more than ever before people do not believe in living together. It results from the seeds of hatred that the government sowed with every step. I remember from childhood when certain uncle Ramko walked his bear in the villages and persuaded people that it not only played but could also heal from any pain. So he collected good money. When children got psychological trauma of the beast, Ramko used to tell them that it was good that evil had come out of the body. And our evil cannot come from our souls and bodies. The bear was deprived of teeth not to bite, just like those who for 13 years have been ministers of some funny Secretariat (employment office without criteria), who are deprived of teeth not to bite and have no mouth to say that that what they work is zero.

But is everything up to the Agreement? The answer is no. It is not possible such a constitution to exist, a law or agreement that this government does not transform into toilet paper. Such an important event for years has not been attended neither by the president, nor the prime minister, or a minister of DPMNE, nor their toilet wardens. They probably consider the Framework Agreement to be a toilet paper. And they received everything from their partner – early elections, constitutional amendments with reduced census from 50 to 40 percent, they received the consent for new constitutional amendments (money laundering), they received parliamentary and second round presidential elections on the same day, a guarantee for success of their presidential candidate in the form of boycott, gratis post-election bargaining for government and some other things!!! In return they received public humiliation by a funny Lilliputian sadist, enjoying their masochism.

But everything has an end. DUI management rapidly delegitimizes within Albanians. Gruevski now sees what a big mistake he has done with his cheap tricks, manipulation and lies to satisfy the low passions of his constituents. The state is on the verge of separation. Just a spark is missing. Then the same people will hang him on the pillar of shame. Imagine Merkel was not present at the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the unloading in Normandy!!! It would have been a world scandal for Germany. Rather, the picture of Hollande embracing Merkel was the main promotional video of that event. But the difference between Merkel and Gruevski is much greater than the difference between heaven and hell. He has set about 300 statues, no Albanian (he has not even paid the three funny statues), which speaks for his possible worrying health condition. He is the most responsible for the demolition of the two main pillars of the state – the Euro-Atlantic integration and interethnic relations. Because of such minds millions of people have suffered.

Finally there is a need for a new agreement between the nations. Is it possible or not to live together? I still think that people are much more tolerant if politicians would do their jobs. But the problem is that they easily mask their failures and heavy crimes by being proclaimed protectors of their people who are not endangered by anyone. Of all the wounds, the most dangerous are those created by the tongue. Unfortunately the Ohrid Agreement has no elemental immune system to protect citizens from the political madness of state leadership, hence it should be considered null and void. And we all need to realize that the biggest mistake is to vote for the one who needs a brain.

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