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September 26, 2020

Macedonian language is attacked at home (International Stock Market 2)

Александар Чомовски
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“What dictatorship, what nonsense” (Gruevski). “Let’s bent spine…” (Zaev).

Leaders who do not respect Macedonian language at home, have no credibility to do so with foreigners. In their public appearances Macedonian leaders are increasingly without natural, cultured, politically meaningful and inventive rhetoric.

The Prime Minister appears at every promotion of translated works of world literature, the modern literary language, but in the middle of the speech he pays no attention to the audiovisual (d)effects with his ironic or cynical sent messages, nor the content of the said. The opposition leader blends in the provincialism of his fellow citizen Boneva. At least to bring the richness of their dialects, as sources of authentic Macedonian language and vocabulary?

The slang among young people, who Gruevski addresses, primarily to VMRO offspring, born in independent Macedonia and educated without mandatory Serbo-Croatian language, has a completely different verbal matrix. The Macedonian version of London cockney is bizarre, but credible, symbiosis of global system of communication with the source and authentic dialects in Macedonia. These days Prof. Dr. Kristina Nikolovska from the Faculty of Philology says for Deutsche Welle:

“Every cultural person and public figure must express well. Written exams which became a practice in Macedonian education and taking tests, limit this creation. Young people want to express themselves well, not to be embarrassed to speak literary language, there is a desire, but it should be cherished strategically”.

The linguistic-political servitude to “speak Serbian so the whole world understands you”, is part of the editorial policy of the “most patriotic televisions” as a bumper for defense of Macedonian national language and identity. In just one week, with no attempt for a basic translation, Aca Lukas was promoted, went into the studio in Skopje before swiftly returning to the Belgrade courts, then Zeljko Joksimovic, Zdravko Colic…They were guests as if they were in front of the viewers of OBN, Pink, Copernicus…overshadowed by the audibility of their names, our political stage showmen slobbered to vulgarity. The Macedonian television and local communities with the most patriotic governing mayors becoming TV Pink continues unabatedly. No one needs to limit concert broadcast and watching turbo-folk, as opposed to Macedonian music, but it seems obnoxious to profit by saying that without Ceca and Harris all local festivals will fail, from Prilep, Ohrid or Strumica. Even the people of Vojvodina were braver to warn that the wife of Raznatovic, the “largest Serb executioner” must not walk on concert stages in this Serbian province.

In selecting stars for the TV show of the actress who is at the forefront of patriotic policy of this government, in the media which is claimed to be an established VMRO product of the media scene, all ex and current stars from the Yugo-sphere were guests. We should not be surprised as the actress who presented MRTV at Eurovision said that we and Serbs are brotherly peoples.

I am curious if the music stars of Bulgaria or Albania, who, unfortunately, are the least in Macedonia, would be left without dubbing.

Blind track

… Our perky train has already been standing for a while at the Krivolak station. Standing too long so that the fishermen to start getting anxious and swear as they have to reach the gorge on time. Finally, the international passes us with a loud bang, as if dressed in lavish livery. It does not even look at us provincials, not waiting at the main platform. (Blaze Koneski, short story)

This year it is 70 years since the recognition of the Macedonian language. We still have not got the new dictionary as a capital lexicographical work. The language is already in the map of European languages with the ​​recognizable Macedonian code. Who could jeopardize its toughness and modernity? Translations in ten world languages ​​of the works of Matevski, Koneski…to the world affirmed contemporary playwrights Stefanovski, Dukovski, and younger Madzirov, Smilevski … are guardians of literary and spoken Macedonian. For all guardians of the Macedonian identity gene, it is the best negation of their political-media bidding for fatherland. Why getting nervous with the very thought that for a new valuation of Macedonia’s stability it is necessary to stimulate new integrative models, open market and democratic competition?

If it is about Macedonian language, it is increasingly forgotten in the diaspora, from the previous already assimilated two generations of immigrants. From a closed and self-sufficient country, which is advertised as Potemkin village, the new generation of young people and family, educated in independent Macedonia, has been leaving for a decade. Why do we need a state if the process of emigration and neocolonialism of local labor is not challenging for the West to come up here in the East.

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