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March 25, 2023

SDSM – Election stock market (6): VICTORY OF DEFEAT

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SDSM beat Crvenkovski. With the confidence at the Congress, acquired without the methods of struggle for the throne in VMRO – DPMNE in the collapsed Skopje Panorama, Zaev is going Gruevski’s way to deprive Georgievski’s leadership myth of power. That distancing step away from the shadow of Branko that Buchkovski and Shekerinska did not manage to take, Strumica businessman has managed with economic pragmatics – expired products are to be placed in the dump. As he was not afraid of the VMRO – DPMNE leadership in the parliamentary and presidential elections, Zaev did not even succumb to the pressure from his mentor and ex – leader, of his party like minded and their political rooted clientism – give back what you got.

He was left without financial support from Crvenkovski’s erstwhile business partners in the battle with “vote buyers”. Faced with empty coffers, although the first social democrat was a guru of the created powerful financial-managerial oligarchy that ruled over 2 billion Euros acquired in black businesses during the embargoes, in post-transition and privatization transactions, the new party leadership will still face temptations to provide inter-party hierarchy of leadership and values ​​. After he spent Ramkovski and his A1, remaining an opposition without media logistics, with a symptomatic attempt to preserve Nakov’s TV Alpha, Crvenkovski crippled the opposition in an unequal battle with the ruling elite. But the defeat in these elections is not only fault of previous administrations, but the absence of ideological and recognizable matrix of social justice and equitable distribution of wealth. “Unequal distribution of economic resources causes unequal distribution of life chances”, and that, according to Max Weber, is the main condition for forming a class.

The mayor of Strumica compensated his political province and rhetorical inexperience with his personal bravery and allowed intraparty democratic debate. He did not fear his critics and showed visual audacity to talk with his fiercest opponents at the Congress. If it is an honest and iconic gesture and political will, then there is a little chance for new splitting in SDSM. The party is to ahead a real and admissible model of intraparty and democratic faction, like freedom of their own position, model of attracting all open-minded people in society, other parties, NGOs, intellectual and creative potentials. In this context, the role and political fate of Stevo Pendarovski is important and his or common 400 thousand supporters. Regardless of the fact that he was the target of distinctive style of political manipulation, he reacted untactically. However, he is a university professor, the new face of the promoter of modern civil, democratic and social concept of social democracy. If his vanity does not start working, the new leadership has an obligation to open the party, to attract its prospective supporters with a new platform and a clear strategy – how to pass the time of parliamentary abstinence? New staff and characters and courage to compile cooler figures will be irreversibly spent if they have no space for political expression. It will be difficult with Miloshevic’s slogan of easily promised speed, as in the case of the mysterious middle class and even more dramatic and rash decision on rejection of election results???

Macedonia has no charismatic politician as none of the current party leaders has accepted a system of respect for different views.

But once enthroned in power, by definition charisma becomes a routine and can slip into autocracy or dictatorship. One way to maintain the original charismatic aura of one who is in power is building a cult of personality. The risk of this strategy is when the leader dies or is changed and there is no “worthy replacement”, then this regime is doomed to quick failure. This view, put forward a century ago by the famous founder of political sociology, Max Weber, has no limitation period.

In the Macedonian political brutality party identification is expressed through the actions of “sultan parties”. They are managed as economic corporations and family holdings for businesses with tenders. And when Gruevski at rallies, from the start of the last campaign in Ohrid and last year in Bitola says that “VMRO-DPMNE is a political movement that delivers actions for all citizens”…it is clear that the social symbiosis of the leader with the masses is final and enforceable.

Even after the Congress SDSM must choose the path to avoid the trap always to be blamed for the political crisis. If it is no longer a participant in the final decisions to resolve the dispute with Greece, the halt in European integration of the country, it is time to change the pattern to new alliances primarily with Albanian coalition partners and other ethnic parties.

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