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January 28, 2023


  • Katica Janeva was ordered 30 days’ detention after she was found to have received material benefits to help ease the position of Orce Kamchev in the Empire case
  • After 4 years, Janeva left a number of ongoing cases and a lot of money spent in the SPO
  • The SPO cost the country about 8 million Euros over the past years

Author: Svetlana Unkovska

From a symbol of justice to a suspect in organized crime. This is the transformation path of the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) chief Katica Janeva, who was elected by general political consensus in 2015 to lead this new institution for fight against organized crime and corruption.

Four years later, the day after four hours of testimony about the Racket affair, she was arrested by numerous police forces. The action for her detention resembled her press conferences, where she announced new cases that hoped for a final restitution of the rule of law – numerous cameras, spectacular and live broadcasts for the general public.


Late Wednesday the Criminal Court sentenced her to 30 days in custody and she is already in the investigation prison in Shuto Orizari. Janeva is accused of abusing her position and authority and influence a more favorable position of suspect Orce Kamchev in the “Empire” case. The previous day Janeva had been questioned for four hours. Although after leaving the head of organized crime Vilma Ruskoska she said that she was a witness at the interrogation and did not feel guilty, police came to her only one day later.

A computer was seized from her house and furniture worth about 5,000 Euros, believed to have been bought by Kamcev in order to relieve his position of becoming a protected witness or offering him an agreement to return his passport and he to pay minimal damages in the “Empire” case.

After ordering detention for Janeva, Ruskoska said she would not seek such a measure if she had no solid evidence of it.

“I would not seek detention without sufficient evidence. In the meantime enough evidence has been gathered to point to the crime. If I had enough evidence for someone else, he would have been in custody, too”, Ruskoska said. She says the investigation continues, and it will further be seen what evidence the Prosecution will find, where businessmen linked to the Racket investigation were summoned, and some have denied giving money. As to whether some evidence has been deleted, she said she was not aware.




The institution from which the Colorful Revolution demanded justice daily protesting “no justice, no peace”, even after four years of operation has a number of ongoing cases. But there is a high amount of budget money spent for their operation. The SPO spent much more than it recovered from crime.

In the past 4 years, i.e. since the establishment of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office in September 2015 until the last report in March concerning the previous 2018, the SPPO spent around 8 million Euros.

  • In 2015 (for only a month) it spent about 218,000 Euros, the only report of how much was spent on prosecutors’ salaries

Of the approved 63,420,428.00 until the end of 2015, 13,542,671.00 denars were spent or just over 218,000 Euros, i.e. 21.4% of the approved funds. Only in this report it stated how much money was spent on salaries, i.e. 1,682,047.00 denars or over 27 thousand Euros were spent for 13 public prosecutors. This applies only for one month, as the establishment of the SPO was delayed, i.e. it started operating in November.

  • In 2016 it spent around 1,993,000 Euros

Of the approved budget for 2016 in the amount of 253,682,112.00 denars, 123,548,695,00 denars or about 1,993,000 Euros were spent, i.e. 48.70% of the total budget. Most of the funds were used to settle the lease expense, given that the facility where the seat is located is subject to rent. At the same time, obligations arising from the need to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the prosecution office were settled, as well as funds for professional development of public prosecutors and other staff, recruitment of experts and settlement of proceedings.

  • In 2017 it spent around 2,600,000 Euros

Of the approved funds for 2017 in the amount of 228.005.000,00 denars, 161.197.380,00 denars were spent or 70.70% of the Prosecution’s budget. And for this period it is not precisely stated what exactly the money was spent for, it is only pointed out that payments were made in respect of undertaken obligations on the basis of awarded public contracts. And most was spent paying rent for the facility in which they are housed. It is also stated that there was an increased workload during this period and that staffing the SPO team required procurement of three vehicles as well as computers and computer equipment.

  • In 2018 it spent around 3,100,000 Euros

Of the approved funds for 2018 in the amount of 228.633.000,00 denars, 195.321.542,00 were spent or 85.43% of the total budget of the Prosecution. As previously stated, most of the funds were spent on public procurement, leasing of premises and adapting them, then it is generally stated that liabilities arose out of the need to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the prosecution, then again for professional advancement of prosecutors, recruitment of experts, and costs of proceedings.

  • In 2019 3,700,000 Euros were approved

The approved funds for 2019 are at the same level as the previous 2018 amounting to 228,633,000 denars or about 3,700,000 Euros.


To be continued…