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August 5, 2020

Responsibility – basic value of humans as political beings

By Trifun Kostovski


Probably one of the oldest and primordial urges in humans, which distinguishes them from the other living creatures is the conscious and rational reasoning, especially when it comes to responsibility. Being responsible for yourself, the closest surrounding and the wider community. It is contained in the wise notion of one of the most important ancient philosophers, Aristotle, who defines people as political/social being/animal (ζῷον πoλιτικόν): in his works, Politics and Nicomachean Ethics, he points to the notion that people cannot exist outside their politics or outside the community in which they tend to form mutual bonds of responsibility while striving for mutual benefit.

I wonder if we might have forgotten these wise notions of one of the greatest ancient philosophers and creators of the modern political and strategic considerations of the community. If Alexander the Great, whose teacher was Aristotle, was guided by those principles, then why couldn’t we do the same?

We are all familiar with the Roma emperors’ saying, who, contrary to Aristotle’s principle, created the gladiators games. It goes: “Give people some bread and you have paid for the peace in the country you rule”. Unfortunately, our country is dominated by harsh, populist, emperors and gladiators’ concept of ruling and not Aristotle’s wise caring and noble one.  .

The political life in our modern Macedonian society, the one that we can witness in the present days and which resembles a carnival, gives us the right to confirm that the Romans were completely right to build the populist concept in order to provide anesthetic for the hungry plebs’s dissatisfaction. If bread is a metaphor for hunger, and the games that the plebs is entertained with mean shifting the focus away from the carnival-like political practices of our politicians, then I am openly asking who pays the high price for this expensive circus and funfair? When I say price, I do not mean figures and sums, but the long-term consequences that the socio-cultural context in the Republic of Macedonia will suffer.

Instead of moving forward towards bald, modern and clearly articulated democratic goals, we are stuck in one place expecting that our submissiveness to the European Union and the United States will bring us the price were have been expecting – EU and NATO membership.

We are living in dynamic times and a rapid economic growth in the world, where science and technology are being implemented in the modern way of living by a minute. I have mentioned several times that I am tired following the political events in the Republic of Macedonia on daily basis and I am honestly trying to avoid any daily, banal and irritable information concerning politics. My concern are the big strategic visions of all social segments of the Republic of Macedonia. I believe in the future, in people and their knowledge and skills. But, where are they? Have they left the country, emigrated, looking for their future somewhere in the highly developed societies where their efforts will be adequately valued, where they will be able to keep up with their calm and dignified lives that this country was unfortunately unable to provide for them..

And, what do we do to keep that qualified workforce in the Republic of Macedonia? Sadly, but nothing. I even think that the political parties themselves encourage and support the broadminded intellectuals to leave. It is because those who rule need submissive, mediocre people and not such who maintain critical spirit and integrity.

I am asking you, as well as myself, haven’t we learnt that education and the educated are the most powerful force of every country? I would not want to weave this mournful thread, but how can I stay blind and ignorant before the facts that hung above us like a darkest cloud – how has this country let the smartest, the most qualified and the best people leave?!

Can we save ourselves from this plague? I personally think that every government has the right to ask reimbursement from the countries where our citizens seek refuge. You may wonder why. Because every individual who gains some skills and knowledge costs the society between 300 and 500 thousand Euros. So, despite that investment, we let that individual leave for good.

Dear Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, respected ministers, members of the opposition who have until recently been occupying the Government cabinets, why don’t you think how we lost the ingredient for building a healthy, modern society. This is a crime, my dear fellow-citizens, one that we are all responsible for and guilty of, but it is mainly them who have been ruling this country for almost three decades that are to blame on most.

It does hurt when the TV stations are trying to convince the viewers that the government is devoted to solving the key problems in the society, but you see and feel that absolutely nothing changes. Even the biggest optimists begin to be guided by feeling s of resignation, sorrow and misery.

I am sorry that the column is mainly pessimistic, but I do believe that it takes some criticism if we want the country to move forward. Of course, I am more than happy to praise the authorities for the things they solve for the future well-being of this country, responsibly and for the mutual good, the way Aristotle asked for the same thing from the human beings.

Who knows, the summer could bring some more wisdom, since looking from the side produces a clearer.

We all love our county. People who rule and people in the opposition, however, we need more deeds rather than platitudes and political carnivals.


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