Todays Date
January 19, 2021


By Trifun Kostovski


I cannot but express my pleasure and my joy regarding the successfully realized presidential election. Both in the first and second round, there were no incidents, there were no irregularities. Everything was in a dignified and democratic spirit. I would say, we have not witnessed this level of political culture for a long time.

I congratulate Mr. Pendarovski on the victory and I will remind him in my columns starting today onwards that he is the president of all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and that he should represent the interests of all citizens regardless of their religious, ethnic and political affiliation. He promised this himself. Let’s hope that so will be, and that no one will hinder him in his politically expressed intentions and visions.

Congratulations to Mrs. Siljanovska Davkova for her performance and her original and civilized attitude during the entire campaign. Congratulations to both of them.

Dear readers, no matter how disgraced the function of president is by many of my fellow citizens, as well as its impact on the overall development of the Republic of Macedonia, I am convinced that this function is extremely important. It is the key thread in weaving our path to Euro-Atlantic integration. But, of course, the institution President will be significant and will be influential as much as the person who is the bearer of this function will have strength to impose his influence.

I hope that Mr. Pendarovski will fulfill the expectations of all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia on a socio-economic, cultural and political level, justifying the trust of the citizens who voted and gave him support.

What I expect is a strong investment by the new president in establishing and strengthening cohesion among the various ethnic, cultural and ideological groups, especially in the Macedonian bloc. You may be wondering why for me this is the imperative activity of the new president.

Mr. Pendarovski has been elected with the majority of votes of all members of our multicultural society, and this is a sign how we should behave in every future election cycle. Although, we do not have official data, it is evident that Mrs. Siljanovska Davkova got 99% of her votes from the ethnic Macedonians. This should be a challenge for the new president and to direct his actions much more to the unity of the ethnic Macedonian bloc.

The fact is that Macedonia is a multicultural country in which intercultural dialogue is crucial for future political stability, but the Macedonian population represents 2/3 of the total population of the country, and is the main bearer of the state-building character of our country.

As a businessman I must express my satisfaction, because in the next year and a half we will not have any elections, and the elections themselves mean stagnation of the economy, and even more tearing off the ethnic tissues that make up the Republic of Macedonia.

I would like to appeal that now is the real political moment when all political actors that can influence social development must focus on the elimination and dealing with interethnic and intra-ethnic divisions, and thereby convince us, the citizens, that they have a clear vision and strategy about the future and progress of our country, especially in the segment of rapid economic development.

Readers will forgive me for not using the term “north” because it is still difficult for me to put in my thoughts and language this, seemingly forced and ridiculous solution imposed by the international community. For me the name is done, but you will let me at least in my columns to call my homeland the name that we have elected ourselves and which I remember as the only name throughout my whole life.

It is your move, Mr. Pendarovski.


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