Todays Date
June 6, 2020

The day after the presidential election

By Trifun Kostovski


Our responsibility, as citizens, as people who are trying to contribute to building a society is to be constantly alert to things happening in our country on a political, economic, socio-cultural level. The first impression of the day after the first round of presidential elections is that only soldiers belonging to political parties ran out. I have the impression that many of the citizens did not take part in these elections, especially citizens who are not politically determined, for the simple reason that the current political elite in Macedonia defend only party interests. Empty phrases such as JUSTICE WILL WIN and JUSTICE WILL COME IN MACEDONIA, or PRESIDENT WHO WILL BE UNITE ALL CITIZENS OF MACEDONIA are at least silly and underestimating.

Some politicians said they received the message from citizens who did not go to the polls. However, what is the good of it?

I am sorry that we failed to really emancipate ourselves and create a field for democratic development and a healthy political system, even after 30 years of independence. Unfortunately, we are in a dead end, and what characterizes our political culture can be summarized in the famous saying of Louis 14, “l’état est moi” – the state, that is me, and in our case, the party is the state.

The turnout together with the Albanian electorate was 42%. Having in mind that the Albanian candidate has not entered the second round, there is a danger that Albanian citizens will not go to the polls because they, as well as all citizens of Macedonia, are aware that this is not a matter of electing a president, but whether the will of one or the other leader wins, i.e. “MINE or YOURS”.

Whoever of the two candidates wins, will not be able to change the bad and retrograde flows in all social strata in the Republic of Macedonia. Neither Siljanovska, nor her mentor Mickovski, and neither Pendarovski with Zaev will bring anything new that will awaken this languor in our life. I repeat, I would not like the presidential election to fail, because even then, Macedonia would be pushed into a new political instability.

Do not take offence at my open pessimistic attitude – it is due precisely to my concern and love for the homeland. I appeal to the current main players on the political scene to swallow their ego and allow more intellectuals to enter their parties, who can help determine our further steps.

Mr. Mickovski and Mr. Zaev, this is not a criticism in order to offend you, but only I want to point out that I have close friends, top intellectuals, who are sympathizers of your parties, have good knowledge of the current situation, who, unfortunately, your parties have either marginalized them or written them off because of their constructive but critical attitude. I am telling you this because in the upcoming period, there will be elections, parliamentary, local, presidential elections, so arm yourselves with human resources that will give a progressive sign to your future policies.

In the end I want to finish and to point out – I want successful elections, I want the leaders of the opposing parties not to be seen through the political target, but as top politicians to have coffee together, even a political one.


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