Todays Date
January 19, 2021


By Trifun Kostovski 


Dear readers,

I would like to share some thoughts about what is going on in the nominations before the upcoming presidential election. I consider myself pragmatic and rational, and I think that we should use the time for constant creation of new works, as well as for developing ourselves as personalities.

I was shocked to understand that both SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE candidates, despite being nominated by their parties, and with the fact that with 30 of their MPs, their candidacy was legalized, they started collecting 10 thousand signatures, as if running as independent candidates. I wonder what hypocrisy it is about. Who is manipulated here? Why do they need to create false images? Do not we have enough illusions, lies, deceptions and manipulations produced on the political scene in Macedonia?

As I have friends from both parties, yesterday I was informed that the parties mobilized their membership for the maximum rapid collection of those 10 thousand signatures. All this nonsense, I would say, is more tragic-comic than comic. Instead of the ruling parties and the opposition to engage in much more important and troubling issues that plague the state, they are competing which of them will provide those absurd and completely unnecessary ten thousand signatures for their candidate.

According to some political scientists this absurdity is a common part of populist PR campaigns, but it is retrograde to me, and even dangerous. It indicates the level of populist, dishonest, manipulative political culture. Imagine, parties mobilized their own membership without taking into account its personal integrity and obligations in order to find time to sign for their candidate they support.

Will we grow up once and realize that this way of running a campaign has long gone into history? Do political parties realize that we really need a president who will be president of all citizens of Macedonia? Do political leaders realize that in this way they degrade the institution of the president of the country? Does this not repeat the mistake of the past, with which the president will be legitimate only for part of the citizens, and for the rest he will be disputed? How long should we learn that the President will be president of all citizens and will have equal treatment for all citizens and political subjects? Unfortunately, we have missed this lesson and will install a president who should be according to the party’s leader. With all the power of my mind, I am trying to justify such steps of the political parties, but unfortunately I cannot do it.

We want to build a democratic society; we want to be a member of NATO and the EU? I am convinced that most of the citizens want it, but the way we behave, when it comes to our future, the development of democracy, collective and personal prosperity, this is certainly not the way to go.

I would like to be wrong with my conclusions, but I do not have any reasons to believe that in the presidential office of the Republic of Macedonia in May a person will sit elected by the party and primarily serving to solve party problems.

This is not democracy at all. This is a promotion of authoritarian parties placed above the country and state interests. We, more than surely, have turned the country into a cheap market, fair and farce. A space in which no emancipatory and high progressive policies are built, but a dump where the petty-bourgeois motto is practiced: BUY A DAY – SELL A DAY. Unfortunately, nothing changes in this country. We live in the eternal status quo in which only few profit.


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