Todays Date
June 6, 2020


By Trifun Kostovski 


Dear fellow citizens, I would like to talk about a terrible anomaly that happens to us in our everyday life, that is, the party employments.

We are witnessing a paradox that has devastating dimensions in terms of society and the state. Instead of advocating for the economic development and prosperity of the state, where high expertise is required in all areas, especially those of vital importance, people are coming who may have something with the workplace where they are employed at, but they are mediocre, if not below average, and they can hardly offer appropriate expertise.

We have been witnessing bestial nepotism, clientelism, party employments for almost three decades of independent Macedonia. Each party coming to power abuses the function and the state as if it were their own company, not the common good.

Last year we witnessed the incumbent authorities criticizing the previous government, as about 2,000 employees were not at work, just getting their salaries and sitting at home. For me it is the worst clientelism. Today we are witnessing many new employments in the administration with predominantly party affiliation to parties that are part of the coalition that now rules in the Republic of Macedonia.

My impression is that we can hardly get rid of this clientelist and nepotistic culture. And that is precisely what is the most harmful for the state – it is not the principle of quality that rules, but the party market, and even in the most vital segments such as health, education and the judiciary.

We have examples of assigned very high functions in the administration, the government, and those function holders have neither an office nor a work chair. We do not know what they actually do and how they earn their salary. I wonder if there will be an end to such nicely interesting, clientelist policies and models of state management. How long will we employ people with inadequate school to perform responsible tasks? How long will we build an army of state administration employees who do not contribute at all, and in my time we called them IDLERS.

Is not there any virtuousness for the good of this people? Have we completely lost interest in common goods? We are witnessing that our economy is stagnating, while the expenditures of every individual in the country are rising day by day. I ask the responsible people, where and how they spend these funds that I feel they are taking them from the citizens by force. Certainly part of this money goes to party employments, because the key mission of every party that comes to power in our country is to reward its listeners and subjects.

Such a culture will destroy the state.

We have forthcoming presidential elections…I feel and justify the resignation of the citizens, which is increasing more and more every election cycle. It is speculated even from the ruling parties that there may be no census of 40% of the registered voters in the upcoming presidential election. For every responsible politician these are very strong signals that should be taken into account, and which should be a warning for discontent among citizens.

The mass departure of the young population has not yet touched the main creators of real life in Macedonia. Therefore, I appeal to the governing structures to turn to the essential problems, and that is the economy, and of course the expertise that should be a priority in any sphere of our life.

Many will think that it is easy for me, that I have everything my fellow citizen does not have and I believe they are right. Dear fellow citizens, I will be even happier when I see happy, smiling and satisfied faces of my fellow citizens. My life motto is to share personal happiness with each of my fellow citizens.

In the end, I want to send a strong message to this and the future governments of the Republic of Macedonia.

It is high time to become aware that the European Union and NATO will not give us bread to eat. We have to earn it ourselves. Commit to the interests of the Republic of Macedonia and allow your parties to develop a genuine democracy in order to create and mature new people, new ideas and real goals for the future of the Republic of Macedonia. Do not overwhelm the intellectual in your ranks, but rather give him a chance to rise, and along with him you as his superiors.

In the end, I would like to congratulate St Tryphon to the Orthodox and Valentine’s Day to the Catholics, and the rest of the citizens should enjoy these two holidays as wine and love are the most beautiful gifts of God.


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