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July 16, 2019


Zoran Zaev will need to quickly resolve the dilemma – certain elections or uncertain reforms.

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British Prime Minister Winston Churchill led his country in the war against fascism and won with allies. For his fellow citizens, he was a symbol of courage, a benchmark for fighting, for decisiveness in making strategic decisions for homeland defense. His fellow citizens celebrated him, lifted him up to heaven. The war ended, the victorious euphoria subsided, less mobilization, everyday life. First post-war British parliamentary elections. The candidate for a new term, the incumbent head of government, lost the election. The British did not give the vote to their military hero. They estimated that they needed new leaders for new peacetime achievements. The Prime Minister won the war in war, but lost the battle in peace.

It is incomparable with the British and world political magnitude, yet only as an association for political fates, here is something about the Macedonian former PM. Nikola Gruevski was an undisputed ruler for ten years. He occupied institutions, subordinated the media, took over the judiciary, and hypnotized the parliament. He was celebrated and praised by thousands of citizens and party affiliates from various budget pockets. The greed of the Prime Minister and the corruption spiral brought Gruevski to a poor refugee from justice.

Incumbent Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is the hero of this time. Deservedly a certain Nobel laureate. The bombs that overthrew the regime showed extraordinary courage. He endured all the insults, accusations, threats. With the Prespa Agreement he showed rare statesmanlike wisdom. He is glorified by the colorful, the uncorrupted, the honest. Now he is in power and is the undisputed political authority in the party, in the institution country, and widely in society. With a rating that seems to provide political survival in the long run. In politics, however, everything is alleged. The abovementioned experiences are not noted as a moral, but only as a reminder.

The Prespa Agreement has passed. Prime Minister’s perseverance and commitment in resolving the decade’s bitter problem, both for the country, for the region, and for global strategic interests, has brought him great international popularity and unconditional support. But the price, the political price he pays at home is high. Seen from some electoral angle, even risky too high. And the uncommitted, the majority of citizens who in all elections promote or remove the party actors from power, now glorify his victory in the war for the high international position of the country.

But at the same time, this same silent civic majority is no longer able to forgive the domestic existential stagnation. It is the same silent majority that Zaev overthrew the regime with, more loudly complaining about the frequent affairs, the regime continuity of rigged tenders, fund manipulations, directors’ luxuries, nepotism and party employments, and the behind-the-spot non-institutional coalition calculators.

The dilemma can be resolved by facts from the field. They are not in favor of not accepting the possibility of elections now. Clientelistic manners that are becoming more visible, and the corrupt phenomena more emphasized, diminish dignity and trust. That is why he needs the elections, if for nothing else, to settle with those whom he gave a chance to. Those for whom he fought the battle and the regime and the constitution, and who, while he was fighting for the country, misused the privileges of state positions at all levels.

Rodents of public money daily take his political power from him. For these reasons, precisely at the time of the rise of historical diplomatic success, the most influential Macedonian politician slowly but surely leaves the domestic political field to the uncertainty of time.

For the Alliance we have won. The collateral damage is the collapse of the legal system and reforms in all areas that have not started yet. Now we are already on the ground of the Union. The toughest matches are right here. In a political sense, we are the crowd on the stands. Quickly forgetting the goals, the applause has stopped, and the whistle is already fired at the first miss. Inertia has overcome this staffing. Privileges available from positions of power have made the numerous government reform team a bit sleepy.

Those in charge in the institutions have not shown agility, have not given the expected results. Both horizontally and especially the crowd deeper in vertical, has not manifested the capacity for change. Conformism, clientelism, budget privileges corrupt ruthlessly. As the Prime Minister himself has promised, now is the time to play the whip from the outside and the broom for the inside. Those who choose power and destroy power are in expectation for a little better life. The majority of Prime Minister’s citizens still strongly believe him. But patting shoulder will quickly pass. With all the risks, but with new opportunities, Zoran Zaev will need to quickly resolve the dilemma – certain elections or uncertain reforms.

Elections are the best circumstances for deep personal engagements. A chance with new people to the desired country packed according to Priebe’s directions. It cannot happen with many from the current echelons of government. Quick and deep staff clearance is necessary.

Fame is sweet but corruption destroys. With the shield or it is the ambience that associates the political fate of the British PM.

This is a time when Zoran Zaev won the war in a war. And a time when he needs elections not to lose the battle in peace.


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