Todays Date
June 1, 2020


Writes: Trifun Kostovski


Dear readers and citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, at the beginning of the new 2019 I would like to wish you good health and clever thoughts and steps to build our common future. Despite all the desire to make Macedonia successful, I cannot help but mention that the feeling of pessimism prevails in me for several reasons.

The worrying political situation in the country is the first and the strongest one. The division of parties, both in the Macedonian and in the Albanian bloc, is the reason for complicating the progress of the Republic of Macedonia. The lack of political culture and common political responsibility, which will be above particular interests, and which will put the interests of each citizen in this country as a priority, leads to the lack of will of political parties and leaders in a mature and sensible conversation to act in relation to all open problems. It makes me sad because I am already tired, and I suppose you are, too, my fellow citizens.

Due to political interruptions, bargains and so-called games of the so-called big players, we all pay a high price. The new government promotes a new style of governance, in which it is convinced that it has achieved great political success, with the change in the Law on Taxation. There was neither ambience, nor open debates for changing this law. Be convinced that the consequences of its application will again fall on the back of the citizens. The reason for this interpretation is due to the fact that a huge percentage of citizens live on the verge of existence and that it is intended for companies and individuals who earn more and need to supplement the budget of the Republic of Macedonia. The experiences from countries are used, in particular Denmark, a country that from today’s point of view is far ahead of our reality.

I want to convince the current government that there are already examples of companies, especially IT, which immediately after the adoption of this law moved their businesses to one of the neighboring countries.

This example is a small segment which should reflect the overall reality. Rich companies and individuals will certainly find a way to avoid this additional burden in their income and businesses. In my opinion, this is a catastrophic mistake of the current government. I or we have not received the justification, why the economy is moving with the slowest growth, not only in the region, but also in the world. I conclude that in the absence of ideas and projects for real progress of the real economy of Macedonia, we are dealing with banal affairs, for which we are not even ready to implement.

With the promotion of the free economic zones, as a major source of capital investment, a great monument of the ex PM in exile Nikola Gruevski is being built. If Gruevski’s vision is a real vision for the development of the Republic of Macedonia, then I propose that this government engage him as a consultant. It sounds cynical…DOESN’T IT? Convince me, ladies and gentlemen, that you have a vision for this country.

Constitutional changes after signing the Prespa Agreement have already been opened in the Assembly and we are witnessing many requirements, which, according to my personal assessment, only complicate the difficult situation in Macedonia. Instead of relaxing interethnic relations, we are facing a re-opening of national requirements of certain ethnic groups, which can lead to an even bigger crisis in Macedonia.

We have presidential elections early this spring, and early parliamentary elections are possible, which are a big challenge for the economy, not how to improve, but how to survive, because in such election cycles practices show that the economy always stagnates.

Therefore, my dear fellow citizens, I cannot get away from the idea that this year will be lost for the Republic of Macedonia, not for the political leaders, but for the citizens who, I have an impression, are increasingly apathetic, lacking faith that we can make a step forward for better tomorrow. In a word, the agony of Macedonia as an independent state continues from its self-declaration to the present day.

Will we find strength to endure this year or it is time to shout ENOUGH!

Macedonia has wise and experienced people among its citizens; however, the current political theater marginalizes such people, so in Macedonia you will rarely find clever people who would enter politics.

You will allow me, in the end, to apologize to some people who will find themselves affected by my views, but my goal is not to hurt them, but rather to motivate them to create an ambience in which each individual will contribute to the further development of the Republic of Macedonia.

Time goes by, Vardar flowing, the Balkan countries have changed their borders, and such change brings pain, misery and blood.

Will we grow to understand this challenge? THINK ABOUT IT…


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