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July 11, 2020


Writes: Trifun Kostovski


My dear readers,

Today I would like to talk about those aspects that I am referring to when I think about the many layers that imply the term future. When I talk about the future, I mean the personal future, the one that every individual builds for himself, but also for the future of our society, as a collective responsibility, civil responsibility, but also the responsibility of political elites. Unfortunately, we are witnessing a massive and accelerated departure from Macedonia or complete migration of the population, especially those with the full vigor to contribute to building our future.

For me letting go a huge number of young people is the greatest sin, but also huge irresponsibility. For this phenomenon, and for the lack of strategy on how to end such an infestation, all previous governments and policy makers, since the independence of the Republic of Macedonia to this day, bear responsibility. No government has so far taken serious measures to stop this ugly picture.

There are many reasons why young people leave. But the main reason for this lies in poverty, unemployment, and in some cases the inability to progress in the professions for which they have been educated, prepared and for which they have the desire and knowledge to contribute.

I will not remark on any government if it doubles the external debt in order for these funds to be allocated primarily for the development of education and educational policies and, of course, for the development of public health, because, as I have previously written, there is nothing more important and reassuring for a society than good education and health prevention and treatment, available for each citizen equally.

This is all incorporated into the vast term future, which depends on all these neuralgic points in our society. I think that governmental policies of the previous and the current government, especially those related to the economy, with so-called foreign investments in Free Zones, within which we pay the agreed subsidies, are at least unserious and irresponsible. I will shortly write what it is about.

Macedonia is a country that has wonderful climate, natural treasures, mountains, waters, forests, pastures, abundant sunshine, vegetables, fruits, fish, game and a country that exclusively predisposes to develop in the field of livestock and agriculture.

We are faced with the fact that every year our farmers are thrown on the margins of this society, because the effort that they have invested in producing a good product, is not properly valued by the state, but also devaluated, neglected to humiliation.

This happened with the apples this year. All year it has been invested, and the final product could not be placed. Today we are witnessing that the purchase price of this apple was 2 denars per kilo, I repeat 2 denars per kilo of apple. We had the same case four years ago, because of the impossibility of placing tomatoes, where the producers from Strumica poured tomatoes on the regional roads and protested because crates of 10 kg of quality tomato were purchased for 1 euro, where only the crate cost 0.15 Euros.

I will return even further, when the farmers of Rosoman threw the best-quality onion as a sign of protest into the Crna River, because there was no placement for it.

I am most responsibly asking the government whether there is a strategy to help the farmers not only in the placement of fresh agricultural products, but also in the creation of processing facilities.

I mentioned only three products, apples, tomatoes and onions.

Dear fellow citizens, all these three products are daily at the table all over the world, in fresh or processed form. And there are many opportunities for using these products. For example, the apple as a final processed product can find a place not only in the food but also in the pharmaceutical industry. The question is whether political elites develop strategies for the development of such opportunities.

I welcome the successful work of Vitaminka from Prilep, which to some extent shows the way in which our country should be recognized in the world – a road that can be of benefit to all our fellow citizens.

The main raw material of the tomato is tomato puree, which is part of a minimum of 100 food products, and today we do not have the production capacity to make that tomato puree.

In the former Yugoslavia it existed and was widely known and sold throughout the world as a semi-finished product, applied in the food industry.

I speak of all this, giving these individual examples, in order to express my opinion based on my many years of experience in the developmental economic and market policies, and my analyses of them, and to point out to the current government to stop further support of foreign investments and pay more attention to the real sector in Macedonia from which it is actually financed.

This project might seem difficult, but for Macedonia it is a problem that can be quickly solved. The use of the know how system must be present in our everyday life so that we can build policies to successfully finalize every agricultural and livestock product.

Food will always be needed, but the way and the standards by which it should be produced, finalized and marketed should necessarily be supported by deep studies of dairy, meat, vegetable products in primary and secondary applications.

I consider the primary one especially in agriculture, in growing fresh fruit or vegetables, and the secondary one in its finalization.

It is undisputed that our most important and biggest goal has been the entry into the European Union since the moment of the independence of the Republic of Macedonia. We are on the threshold of entering NATO. But in order to take a healthy and steady step toward this goal, we have to ask ourselves how we will enter that huge competitive market of cultural, economic, economic, and political values. That is why I urge the most responsible people in the country to think and focus on creating such valuable tangible and intangible products, after which Macedonia will become recognizable, dignified and, in some segments, the only competitor. We must ask ourselves and give an answer to the question of what will we be recognizable for in the European Union and what will our contribution be to the great European family.

If our politicians feel that Free Zones are a benchmark, it is a profound scam. If they think that Macedonia should serve as an “exporter” for well-educated people who, instead of keeping them, we let them out without offering them any future, and they are leaving forever, it is even greater sin.

The European Union will respect us only when we are able to be recognizable for something that will identify us, which is, among other things, our economy, and especially our production.

Let’s not have any illusions that by entering the European Union honey and milk will flow, and that the European Union will spill a huge amount of money to raise the standard of living. NO, my dear readers, this will not happen. To get back as soon as possible on a track that has a contact with reality, and if we want to be an equal and respected member of the European family, we must work on ourselves, for ourselves, for our families and our country, in order to continue to persist in this wonderful ambience that many European Union members envy us.

I do not want to insist that my views offer the best solutions to the problem we are in, but it is high time, if not late, for everyone to start seriously thinking how to make our country the right place for a nice, safe and fulfilled life.

The topic that I am writing about is very complex, and therefore, my dear readers, you will allow me in the future to address you with my views regarding the economy in the Republic of Macedonia, because that part is closest to me.

With this column I want to encourage all actors in the economy and especially the politicians that I think should focus more on domestic investments and the development of the domestic economy.

And you, my dear readers THINK ABOUT IT.


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