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April 20, 2019

Education – sacredness for every society

Writes: Trifun Kostovski


Dear readers,

In my last column, last Thursday, I mentioned three postulates that lie in the basic mission of our Association of Citizens, and through which we would like, as active citizens who care about our society, to turn our attention to every government in the Republic of Macedonia, pointing out the most important issues for creating a just, emancipated and progressive society.

The three key foundations on which a free, democratic society should be built according to us are education, health and an economically stable future in which there will be social justice and security.

Today I will write a few words about the place and role of education. The educational process of each person begins at the very moment when they are born and lasts until their complete training in the area in which they decided to dedicate their working life.

It is the most important investment that we, as parents and society, should stimulate every day in order to equip our future generations with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to live in a normal way.

We understand education as sacredness and unity between the parent, society (state or municipality) and educational staff. Each segment of this synergy has special tasks that we must fulfil.

The parent is obliged to take care of home education, to create those integral ethical value verticals and to support the education of the child according to modern trends.

In my opinion, education is a process that takes place throughout life. While we are alive, we need to learn and be curious about all things, and thus constantly ground and upgrade our knowledge.

According to my calculations, every child costs parents an investment between 300 and 500 thousand euros until the completion of their formal education cycle.

Dear friends, these are great financial resources that our citizen allocates for the education of their own child.

The second segment of this joint, shared life project is society, that is, state educational policies. Whether it is a central government or a local government, they must have an obligation to provide maximum conditions in the institutions of pre-school, school and higher education in order for the young person to feel safe and secure, and at the same time for the parents to be free of the fear whether their child could be exposed to some health and safety hazards.

And the third, perhaps the most important segment, is the educational staff, educators, teachers, teachers, professors. The quality of the already formed personality will depend on them and on what they can teach the young person, which will have to contribute further to the building of society.

It’s no secret that we live in a dynamic time and if we want to follow all modern trends in education, all three segments of this, I would like to re-emphasize, social holiness on the basis of which the community is being built must be equally engaged.

The parent must demand from the society and the educational staff a quality education. Society must follow trends on a global level in the direction of applying the best and most adequate education, according to our financial possibilities.

The third segment, the educational staff, must be in constant continuous education, in order to build a person who can respond to contemporary challenges.

Dear friends, when we talk about education, we are talking about huge resources that we all need to pay in order to create a modern and educated staff.

In 2008, as the mayor of the City of Skopje, I was invited by the mayor of Warsaw and I was informed that Warsaw only had received 13 billion euros of non-refundable EU funds, intended only for education for the period 2007-2012, which were destined to cover all spheres of education. I was especially surprised that Warsaw practiced continuous education of all hundred percent education staff, ranging from pre-school, kindergartens, schools and universities.

All educational staff had a two-week training each year, with only one goal – how to respond to the challenge of the young man’s needs and how to help develop their own countries.

Based on this experience and knowledge, I realize the need that we, in our country Macedonia, must consider the actions and the way how to reach that modern society which we all aspire to.

Without a real system and modern, functional educational policies, we will always encounter anomalies in the educational body of our younger citizen.

I would like to raise an initiative, all of us who are stakeholders in the society, whether as parents, officials or educators, to make this issue a fundamental priority. Because the future of society and the state depends on education policies. Both the diseases of society, but also its health depend on how much and what kind of education we have.

There is no greater happiness for people of my age when they meet a young, educated person equipped with knowledge. How proud is the word PERSON! Especially for a person in the right place and at the right time.

Think about it…!!!


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