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October 21, 2020

Freelancers with irony: How to pay?

Dissatisfied freelance workers gathered outside the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy to get answers to problems that have arisen with the Law on contributions from compulsory social insurance. They believe the law will lead to further impoverishment of the people who are forced to get a fee instead of a salary. As they say, this is not the first law passed behind citizens’ back. They announce a new symbolic mass protest next Friday 13th, because they think with such legislation people are done for. They also announce a complaint to the Constitutional Court.

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“Legislative amendments for paying contributions have already given their effect – freelancers have been laid off, it is January and fees have not been transferred yet, free professions do not know how to deal with a software that calculates deduction up to 50 percent of net income. It is not the first time to pass laws behind citizens’ back, but it is the first time we publicly say it cannot be done like this anymore. It has to stop. We are here with all democratic means to show them that they cannot treat us as an experiment”, said Tamara Chausidis from the Independent Union of Journalists of Macedonia.


Some of the questions that freelancers directed to the archives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy:


– When you have one-off payment of a fee for work done for six months, are you entitled to health insurance for one or six months ?

– If, with the contract on the basis of which a fee is paid, work is performed for two days, does the freelancer get the right to health insurance for just two days or a month? And which month after the payment of contributions will that right be obtained?

– Will percentage be calculated for the second fund?

– What item covers fees that are earned abroad?

– What inflow of budget funds is planned to be provided by the introduction of paying contributions for the fees?

– Is the entire amount of fees taxed or there is tax exemption?

– Is there exemption on royalties for material costs (there is 30%) and how to register it?

– Sub-questions as: Is fuel included in material costs? Do I need a receipt? On whose behalf shall it be as I am not a legal entity?

– What will MLSP do to prevent direct discrimination of people working just on the basis of a freelance engagement and therefore do not have the rights of the Law on Labor Relations?

– Can I sign a service contract with more than 40-hour work week?

– As a freelance associate do I have the right to be protected under the Occupational Safety Law? If not, what will MLSP do to protect me?

– In the Law on Mobbing there is no provision that protects author’s agreement and service contracts. Where to complain in this case?

– As a freelance worker do I have the right to be a member of a trade union and how will my membership be registered as I do not have one employer?

– Will I be deregistered from the Employment Agency because of author’s agreement of two days and when will I be able to apply again?

– If I have a three-day work engagement, will health contribution only apply to those three days?