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January 22, 2019

The Government in collapse due to "a bomb"

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Zaev will throw “a bomb” again. He clarified he has evidence, and after its presentation in public, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski will have to resign within three days, and Macedonia should be ashamed of it, because it is “sensitive and touches interethnic relations”. Skeptics think that this “bomb” will also end as a firecracker. But I do not think so. This will neither be a bomb, nor a firecracker, but a CANNON with tremendous destructive power. I do not believe that it is said without a green light from the big players. On the contrary, the time has come for the regime to end. Nobody expected that under our conditions the big affairs revealed in the boom of the pre-election period will cause a radical change in the polls. At least that Gruevski will resign with dignity. But it was just a warning for the regime to step down from the blind alley. To solve at least the most pressing problems that he himself had created and to leave. However, it is difficult to understand from the position of power. Coalition partners thought it was just throwing a plain snowball and continued as before. Now the snowball is rolling, it becomes bigger and is threatening to create an avalanche.


There are three reasons why the government has to leave. The first is the fear of the world’s key players that further toleration of such dangerous populism and nationalism with dangerous ears and dangerous mouth will finish with internal and regional conflict. The fact is that to mask the organized crime, for years it has been played with feelings and fate of people, and it created great distrust, incidents, fights and hatred, which can easily get out of control.


The second reason is the foreigners’ fear that if this dictatorship is further tolerated, it can become a major threat to the whole region, because if small dictators are unpunished, it will encourage large potential regional dictators, and the whole region will turn into hell. That is why the regime must collapse. The statement of the US Ambassador Wohlers is not coincidental that they do not want to see Ukraine in Macedonia. In this direction are numerous statements by Nuland, Merkel and many others – that the situation is already unbearable. But before the collapse, it will have to resolve the name, a branch on which the regime has comfortably been sitting for years with zero results and vast wilderness, plus two billion Euros in debt. The last statement of the German Foreign Minister Steinmeier at the conference on the Western Balkans is interesting – “Germany presses the name dispute between Macedonia and Greece to be resolved”. At the Sixth Aspen Southeast Europe Foreign Ministers Conference Macedonian minister Poposki was told that the government should care more about people than monuments, as looking for ancient tombs they turned the entire country into a mass grave. Deutsche Welle comments that at the conference the name issue with Greece was among the main topics of debate. And the Greeks were sent the message that – “if we are forced to find a sustainable solution to the economic situation in Greece, we should also find a way to resolve other issues”. All in all, the outcome is near.


The third reason is of moral nature. The regime these years has run over all the basic human values. Its further toleration seriously violates basic moral credibility of Brussels. Let’s recall all the reports where the regime was forgiven only to resolve the name issue it itself had created. It continued to rule with fear, threats and blackmail. It does the same today when PRO enters an ordinary tea shop with special units.


It is incomprehensible how people remain indifferent while the lives of their children are decaying materially and mentally. Their close ones are thrown into an abyss of fear and they do not prevent it as they are afraid. It is not inherent even in animal world. They indifferently see how they steal from them! And it is not just the material life that is stolen, but also physical and mental health. Present and future. They advertise healthy food and many people feed themselves from dumpsters. And their children do not know what to do with their money. They even do not count it but order their friends to do it. So, we have to put an end to such reign. And they themselves know that their reign has no elementary sense. They even catch positions on time. They push the name issue to be solved thinking of their salvation. They want the “spine to bend.” Now megaphones say we want, but also Greeks should pressure to solve the issue. The government returns to the crime scene. No more indifference. The “cannon” is ready. Those whose only talent is disaster should leave.

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