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June 20, 2019

Scared stiff

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If you want to govern the people keep them in fear – said famous Paulo Coelho. Many years passed, each worse than the last, and the government is stronger. Strong, not because of successes but for sowing fear. It took care of pyramidal fear. From bottom to top. For pyramid condition can exist only with pyramidal fear. Everyone fears. Unemployed fear that their insurance will be cut off. Beneficiaries of social welfare that the financial aid will be cut off. Farmers that virtual subsidies will be cut off. Teachers that will get fired. Shopkeepers and businessmen afraid of inspectors. Students afraid of party professors. Journalists of bosses. Bosses of ministers and ministers of the Prime Minister. The president of all.

Fear is spread. Fear of enforcement agents, judges, the police, postmen, penalties, procedures, everything!? People dazzle as a result of such fear. So thorns must look like beautiful roses to them. The greatest darkness happened just as the sun began to come out of Vergina. And now even if we have healthy eyes, however the mind remains underdeveloped. Hence massive doubts in possible and believe in impossible. And every day we sell part of ourselves for free.

The most efficient fear is the fear of worse. Then the bad is considered good because there is a lot worse. For us it is less bad due to the world’s great tragedies. Otherwise, for doing business we are fourth in the world, and it does not matter that for poverty we are first. Importantly, people not to complain about the poor, but to fear the worse. The worst has not arrived yet an it is the merit of the government and its OM. PM who has deliberately confused dark past and bright future. Who thinks fake past should be our real presence. And now we got to the point that we have a lot of people but no man. For we declared the worst to be the best. And now we stand with one foot in the world of fairy tales, and the other on the edge of the abyss.

Fear is fed by imprisoning journalists, doctors, political opponents, judges and other officials. The fact that the standard of fear has moved is amazing. Adults have greater respect for the government fear than concern for the lost future of their children. Younger ones due to fear simply cannot understand that it is better to cry in your own country than to sing in a foreign one. And for everyone it is hard to realize that life, unlike politics, has no two terms.

Sowing fear has already crossed the international scale. Absurd has surpassed not only the limits of the state, but the insanity. The government is convinced that everyone can be intimidated, even foreigners. Macedonia would go to the arms of Russia if the West did not bring it to its senses! They will intimidate the world with Lavrov’s story that the integration of Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia in the West would be considered a threat to Russia. What can Macedonia do when it has open claims and offers of Russia to the region, and there is no positive response from the EU and NATO – a member of VMRO concluded and asked the competent parliamentary committees attended by Euro- Ambassador Aivo Orav. Also here is the Russian military base in Nis in size as Bondsteel! And the informal President’s adviser does not miss an opportunity to denounce Brussels and Washington, and to glorify Russia. Scared stiff.

Well my dear younger warlords. The end is near you. Instead of blaming the whole world, turn slightly towards your boss. Do not just be obedient servitors. It is his merit that the ancient Greeks get wings and block. I am sure he did not do it out of ignorance. At the end of the day, tell him that he is there to solve problems, not to cry and blame. As Croats, Serbs, Kosovars and all other normal solved them. Ask him how corruption has become a serious destabilization factor! Ask him about the media, the judiciary, the political dialogue! Do not fear! Wohlers pointed out that he did not want to see the Ukraine case in Macedonia because of corruption! Ask him about (in)dependent judiciary, the media, the political dialogue! Unfortunately the situation is that the government asks and we answer.

Such is life. Often with great vigor we fight for ideals, only to see that we fought for a common misconception. That the heart decided, not the head. Or the lie. But to poison so many people means that it will poison you too. And then it will be very difficult to find normality in order to correct this huge amount of abnormality.

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