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August 16, 2022

Bluffing political auctions

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Extremely rare are cases when a PM, if having good professional and developed diplomacy, in 45 days to stay in the same country twice. Private and longer. First on vacation, then as a front man of the project to attract foreign investments. By the way to congratulate the new PM function to Davutoglu, the strategist of re-ottomanization of Turkish foreign policy.

The head of the government of independent Macedonia, academician Nikola Kljusev was on a 20-day visit to the diaspora in Australia, while at home it was very busy – with constitutional amendments, ethnic tensions, blockages by Greece, complicated military – security situation in the region.

When Tito left to the famous three-month Asian – African naval tour, with his famous message “Look after Yugoslavia”, he was building the foundation of the Non-Aligned, and provided conditions for galloping growth of the military industry of the former federation. With export of the initial one, to 4 billion annual export of weapons, military equipment and construction of military facilities in the Arab world, part of Africa and the Middle East, Yugoslavia became one of the 10 countries with most powerful utility industry. The unifier of Germany Helmut Kohl, in the mid 90’s, with over 100 businessmen went to a week-long visit to China with agreements of billion marks. But domestic journalists did not forgive his long tour and long silence on the violations of human rights in front of Chinese warlords.

Macedonian Prime Minister not accidentally chose the timing for a new visit to Turkey. As a strategic partner, official Ankara is his shelter to pressure from the German domination in the Balkans, with more recognizable enforceability of the role of Chancellor Merkel and resolving the name dispute. Gruevski skillfully plans and keeps that balance.

Secondly, after the crash with the Indian manipulator and his billion in Ohrid and Macedonian agriculture, the government needs a new mega(lomaniac) project that will depreciate subratization of its economic policy. Now they are announcing the grand installing of Weibo Group in Macedonia with expected 400 million dollars investment in textile and metal industry. If the promises of opening 4000 posts are fulfilled, calculations show that investments are 100 thousand dollars per worker, which is high stakes even for far more expensive and more developed economies. For prefabricated iron buildings, 10 acres given economic land, for second-hand machines displaced from the East to Europe for additional training of textile workers, which in total is not more than a million dollars? Where will the money from these investments be spent, when Macedonian textile is only engaging live and low-paid labor? It is known that such giants, usually place 90 percent of production at the weekend markets, according to the model 3 shirts for 10 pounds (Portobello and Liverpool Street) or earlier Nippes in Cologne and St. Pauli in Hamburg. Tempting, for a policy that will prove that western installing in free economic zones with bargaining the price of skilled and educated labor has no alternative in the next decade. And this is bad.

All tax reliefs and state benefits are contrary to the standards of the competitive market economy and EU. But if the union does not write us, NATO conditions us, it cannot just sit and do nothing. Technocrat Gruevski in the beginning chaotically promoted “Holding Macedonian”, but now as a politician he promotes a purposely oriented and argumentative alternative to Macedonia. You cannot dispute personal and physical engagement. He travels and promotes, not always with convincing benefits, but without the fear of flying and language impairment as Crvenkovski or visible statics as Georgievski. He continues the VMRO thread of resistance to servility in communication with foreigners, sometimes with Sly Peter’s shrewdness – I am not from here?!

As long as German business interests install six companies in five regions of the state, with all benefits, as long as the United States have strategic security installations in Macedonia, if banks in London and Berlin service the 500 million Euros bond, in the dialogue with Chancellor Merkel Gruevski has a room for maneuver. For the first time in independent Macedonia a formal demarche has been referred to the State Department, because of political – historical illiteracy of the new and not yet accredited ambassador over his statement that Slavs live here?!

Totalitarianism and snobbism are a kind of relatives in the dictionary of human soul. Although at first sight they have nothing in common, however, they are isotopic: snobbism is only an isotope of totalitarianism. Both are based on false values: both totalitarian mind and snobs show to be more than they are.

Article written by Venko Andonovski.

So, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE is playing a riskier poker game. Political bluff is included in his hazard. It is possible when at home you have weak players. Just look and read. Gruevski announces a trip to Bulgaria, builds three highways, announces restart of railway construction to Kriva Palanka, which from the time of SDSM tandem Reagan – Buzle would have been built in a year, by a business in Skopje whose executives and companies are now part of the business elite of VMRO holding.

And you have a reaction from Spasovski, who blames PM – when he will fix the village area of ​​the monastery Matejce!? How many votes will this reaction bring? But Zernovski is also bluffing. Bohemian street, with blocks from his mentor Penov. For the party snobs, to whom two bars in the street mean nothing? What respect for the Skopje citizens of Debar Maalo?

“It is grotesque if every snob looks at my smudges, it is better to copy my scarf” complained Salvador Dali to his Gala after he saw one of the tourists at Montmartre.

In politics and poker bluff makes milestones only if you have lots of money or psychological stability the opponents to estimate trump cards wrongly in the right moment.

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