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August 16, 2022

They cheer for Scotland – what about Ilirida?

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Well here we are from Skopje involving in the European and royal court. Major opinion makers from the journalist – expert section of Amyntas III, exporting domestic Euro-skepticism to Glasgow and Edinburgh, before the referendum on secession of Scotland from the United Kingdom. With our experience in media freedom, with the authentic democratic polygon of a different opinion and reliable multi-ethnic cohabitation, with the bitter feeling that They, westerners, are involved in “Macedonian” issues, succession spokespersons began cheering for independent Scotland.

They cheer for independent Scotland and the local referendum so resounding, that they do not accept (see contradiction) a new, third Macedonian referendum. But there is one already realized, plebiscitarian voting that occurred in 1992. The referendum of the Albanians with Ilirida and support for their autonomy in Macedonia. Only temporarily frozen until the final test if it is possible the entire Western Balkans to be a mini Union, as a new test for the old idea of Europe with two or three speeds.

Gruevski must not organize the awaited alibi – referendum. “It must not happen,” I guess it refers to the name dispute. That means there is no solution to the name issue, definitely not by NATO and the EU. And why would we need them when they do not like us in the next five years. From Brussels they  constantly upgrade some politically suicidal conditions of the ruling elite in Macedonia – media freedom, impartial justice, the right to a different opinion and democratic confrontation of arguments, equal conditions of free market competition, reduction of unemployment, functional institutions, Parliament as a government controller, democratic elections proportions…With this list of tasks irrelevant for us are the statements that in the next five years there will be no enlargement. Even if we reach Brussels in the sixth year the dilemma is – whether in the next five years can we overcome these benchmarks?

Supporters of independent Scotland cannot watch the game through Macedonian TV followers. On one of the most influential TV channels there is no news on Scotland even in the international news. On other television they say: “At the end of the news, about the execution of a British aid worker by the jihadists.” They, however, are so close to the Balkans, where they are easiest recruited. Unlike this top news of the world range, for the government PR agents far more important was the long queue of starved Macedonians on the Friendship Bridge. However, the Albanians, They, were not there, (not)friends from the other side of the bank, in the Old Bazaar. Perhaps they were full. They were probably left breakfast in the mountain areas of Skopje or Tetovo Kale?!

There on the island, Scots are faced with the democratic part of London in 2012, but also the criticized calculating editorial policy of BBC. Public service, as a student to the Balkans, which irritates the local democratic forces and causes their civil reaction. But there is information about that, in a setting when voters have all offers and statements FOR and AGAINST, with the participation of relevant media personalities from political-business and civic world of open-minded people. Independence supporters are actors Sean Connery and Gerard Butler, but against are the football legend Alex Ferguson and star singer Susan Boyle. The author of Harry Potter, Rowling is for the United Kingdom, but the writer Irvine Welsh said that “the Union wants to stop Scots rule the world”.

We need a home Europeanization for which authority columnists write an epitaph. The current expert is sprinkled with cold water, and for three years, of the eight of this government, as Gruevski’s politician, has been convincing us that the recommendations from Brussels must be implemented. He was mistaken and hypocritical excused of his own inability to studious reliability. And with unprecedented ease becomes an advocate of “Silk Road”.

Personally I still believe in the concept of European integration as a strategic objective and meaningful project. The offers vary, with new possible concentric and regional connections. Legitimate are other options, too. But I do not believe that the Macedonian separatists and Eurosceptics believe, supporters of “normal annexation” of Crete, in the achievements of winning the domestic public opinion for Macedonia turning from Brussels to the east. However, they chose the island and Scotland to defend their favorite and strategic plan – through Cold War to get to a bipolar world. In it “Macedonia would be Switzerland of the Balkans”. Union breakup is desired, to strengthen the new Soviet-Chinese federalism.

“Russia, my country, day by day puts the world closer to a new war. Goodbye Europe, I fear that we will never become part of the European family of nations…For three hundred years we had been getting the energy of existence from these sources…and never split from the hope. Today we, the people of the Russian culture, i.e. one small part of them whom I belong to, can say only one thing: goodbye Europe and forgive!”

My country is sick, added in Vienna and was conveyed by Spiegel, in an essay of a 70-year-old famous Russian writer. The most awarded novelist of modern times, with the prestigious Prize for European Literature, Lyudmila Ulitskaya, who became famous with the novel “Kukotsky’s Case” fully resigned.

The urge to “disastering”, considers the controversial philosopher Slavoj Zizek, was a favorite mental exercise of intellectuals of the twentieth century.

Scotland, as called by London, or Alba, as tough Scots identify themselves, without complex for their (un)named national identity preserved with traditional defiance and militancy, also with the bagpipe, kilt, Shetland, whiskey, is a state with GMP of 40 billion, with almost 40 thousand Euros per year per capita, oil in the North Sea and fish stocks from the Atlantic to the northern oceans.

Scottish team is an independent sports representative. What do you think, how would you react if one day the Albanians in Macedonia apply this mix for the world stage?

Macedonian media fans attacked Prime Minister Cameron, because through legal forms of propaganda, he keeps the territorial integrity of the Kingdom. So would not it be a priority to the Minister, especially in the understandable defense of identity and state-building integrity and sovereignty of Macedonia?

Scotland is the actual Europeanization of values and competition of different positions. It is a proof for the Union’s sustainability and ability for its political-institutional rebranding. This body of work includes the Balkans. Macedonia has not been deciding on its own for a long time.

“It is necessary to use European methods of training. Brazil in this regard lags behind Germany and Spain. Here we train more and more frequently, but with much less commitment. We must admit that we lag and start from the beginning”.

World football star Neymar in this way defines the need for football Europeanization of Brazil. This country is the favorite synonym for the (un)powerful Brix, which began economic recession after the World Cup tournament. Scotland, fortunately, is not a powerhouse (football)!? …

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